Restaurant in Warsaw
- Akademia Restaurant

Restaurant in Warsaw with delicious, traditional Polish food combined with a pinch of modern European taste – welcome to the Akademia Restaurant.

Our interior is simple, transparent and bright…
In our place the culinary modernity intertwines with art, and the passion connects with the taste incredibly well. The Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw is an unique place, where you can get to know traditional Polish dishes and flavours as well as modern European ones. Only in our restaurant will you get the chance to find out how perfectly they go together and how completely unexpected but delicious taste combinations can be created with simple ingredients.

We want to make sure that our restaurant is a perfect place for any kind of meeting or celebration – from official business meetings to family weekends or romantic dates. In the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw we want to create memories and experiences.

Creativity, passion, modern approach and simply love for food is what makes the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw one of the best spots on the culinary map of Warsaw. We believe that in our restaurant everybody will be able to find something for themselves and enjoy it. The diversity and ingenuity in cooking make the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw a perfect place for every foodie. We invite everybody to visit our restaurant and try our delicious propositions. We promise that we will do our best to satisfy your needs and expectations, and so that you will eagerly visit us again.


Restaurant in Warsaw

We are placed where Puławska Street and Różana Street meet, and lively Downtown meets calm Mokotów.

Beautiful, peaceful surrounding is another factor that makes the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw worth visiting. Everything, from the neighbourhood to charming interior and delicious cuisine contribute to the entire dining experience in the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw.

A what make a localization of the Akademia Restaurant so appealing and attractive? Calm surrounding area full of greenery, charming parks nearby and closeness to the Royal Baths Park make the Akademia Restaurant ideal place to spend a family weekend afternoon in, or go for a dinner after a romantic walk in the park.

See you at Różana Street!


Our Specials

The Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw specializes in Polish cuisine, combining it with a pinch of modernity. We serve excellent food and take care of every detail. Our outstanding cooks use only the freshest, high quality ingredients to make sure that our Guests always get dishes of the best quality possible. Food is a very important part of our lives, and a celebratory dinner with family or close friends is one of the most common ways of celebrating special occasions and events in our lives. We know that, and that is why we pay particular attention to the quality of our food as well as being flexible enough to fit every Guest’s expectations.

Whether you want to have a flavourful, delicious meal, get to know new flavours or return to the tradition, in the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw we can assure that you won’t be disappointed. Whenever and whatever you eat in the Akademia, you can be sure one thing – you will always get good value to money.

Opening hours of the Akademia Restaurant in Warsaw:

Mon-Sat 12:00 - 22:00, Sunday 12:00 - 20:00