FAQ: How Big Are The Snacks In A 4 Snack Graze Box?

How many snacks do you get in a graze box?

Each box costs £3.99 and contains 4 snacks. Delivery is also free and there are no extra hidden charges. There is also the option to buy larger sharing packs of snacks for £15.

How much do you get in a graze box?

How much does graze cost? Our prices vary depending on the services and products you choose. A graze subscription starts at £4.49 per box or you can order the snacks you want at graze. com /shop where products start from £2.49.

Can you choose what goes in your graze box?

While you can ‘t choose the four snacks we send, we have a number of different boxes to choose from i.e. the variety box, the chocolate box, vegan box, sweet box or savoury box! You pick the box type, and we ‘ll pick four suitable snacks to go inside the box!

Are graze snacks healthy?

Overall, I really loved Graze and would definitely continue the service. The portions are great for controlled snacking and the food is healthy and delicious. What’s more, the snacks are unique and the variety is amazing.

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Can you cancel graze after free box?

When you sign up to graze, we ask that you set up a recurring order as we are a subscription service. However, there is no commitment to graze and your recurring order can be cancelled at anytime. If you ‘d like any assistance or have any questions, we ‘re happy help you!

How do I get a free graze box?

To get your FREE Graze box click ‘GET FREEBIE’, fill in your details, choose your box and submit your order. They will deliver your graze box within a few days.

Is the Graze box really free?

OK the box is free. It would be worth about £1 if you bought the various little bits! BUT having got my first box after about an hour of selections that you have to make, I then 2 days later received another box.

Is graze good for weight loss?

As a result, they find that grazing seems kinder to their digestive system and reduces pesky bloating and energy slumps. But what ultimately matters when it comes to weight management is that you do not consume more calories than you need in 24-hours, says Priya.

What’s in a graze variety box?

what’s in the variety pack?

  • 1 x protein peanut butter dipper with baked hemp sticks.
  • 1 x chinese style honey sesame.
  • 1 x honey & seed protein flapjack.
  • 1 x sweet memphis barbecue.
  • 1 x cracking black pepper nuts.
  • 1 x veggie protein power.

How is graze delivered?

Orders are sent using a courier service, with the aim of same-day dispatch for all orders received before 1pm. Once dispatched, delivery is usually the next working day but some remote areas of the UK may take a little longer. Our wholesale partners can provide more information about this.

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How do you rate snacks on graze?

You can check your ratings on your snacks page. Here, you can rate snacks you don’t want to receive as ‘dislike’, or rate them as ‘like’ or ‘love’, if you’d like to receive them more frequently.

Are graze bad for you?

Grazing often involves – but is not limited to – the consumption of high-energy, nutrient-poor foods. Over time, this contributes to excessive daily energy intake and weight gain, which in turn can lead to the development of chronic disease.

Where are graze snacks made?

Graze (stylised as graze ) is a United Kingdom -based snack company which is owned by Unilever. Graze (company)

Industry Food distribution, Food manufacturing
Founder Graham Bosher
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people Joanna Allen, CEO

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