FAQ: Klondike How To Make Energy Snack?

How do you get unlimited energy in Klondike adventures?

There are many ways to get free energy in the game Klondike Adventures. On any place; home or other locations, look for boxes. Usually, these boxes are hidden; behind rocks, bushes, and some very small boxes. These boxes contain precious items; Energy points, resources to generate energy.

What does the cauldron do in Klondike?

When a cow reaches its limit, it turns into a golden statue full of prizes. Among other treasures it gives aramel and hocolate bars. Use them in the auldron to make energy!

How do I get apples in Klondike?

Juicy Apple is Obtained from:

  1. Found on the ground in Wild Garden.
  2. Drops from full combination chop clears of Apple Trees in Wild Garden.

How do you level up fast in Klondike?

One of the best ways to progress fast is by completing all the quest tasks. There are lots of quests out there, but you have limited energy points; so you need to keep the balance.

How do you get green gems in Klondike?

You can earn emeralds by spinning the wheel each day you log in, completing quests, and leveling up in the game. You can also purchase emeralds for real world currency; save money by waiting for one of the frequent sales.

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How do you get coupons in Klondike?

Just tap on an empty box and you will see a blue button suggesting to use coupons.

How do I get more workers in Klondike?

Click the avatar of a friend and select “ hire.” Now your friend will work for you for a token payment. Remember that your friends need housing. Build a Tent, a Cabin, Apartments, or an Inn to increase the number of friend workers.

How do I get neighbors in Klondike?

How do I add neighbors? – Click the Neighbors tab at the bottom of the screen >> select the Search inlay >> Add a random player offered to you or enter the ID of a particular player who you want to add. Once the player accepts your request, you will become neighbors and he/she will appear in your friend bar.

How many levels are in Klondike?

The game has 50 challenging level. Try to unlock all of them!

What does the packing house do in Klondike?

A new and exclusive building in Klondike Adventures. You can avail it in the market for 35 000 coins. It will help us to pack our produce in numbers.

How do you get steak in Klondike?

You can make it in the Campfire at Home Station or in certain lands, like Snowy Pass or Hairpin Turn. The meat for the steak you can get from wild animals, such as bears or deer, that block your way in certain dangerous lands.

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