How Much Is A Mega Snack Pack?

Is Mega Snack Pack worth it?

Yes. The mega – snacks are well worth the price.

How much XP does a mega snack pack give?

It’s so mega because it gives your pet 60 xp. Wow!

What is considered a mega snack?

Mega snacks are any pet snacks with a rank of 8 or 9 (the highest ranked snacks in the game)! Rank 8 snacks give a range of +25 to +30 pet exp each snack.

Where can I farm Mega snacks?

Mirror Lake, the final dungeon of Zafaria, always gives 2 mega snacks upon completion. Planting and harvesting couch potatoes will also nab you some good snacks. Gardening is the most consistent way of getting mega snacks. You could always farm for them though in some areas of mirage or empyrea.

Where are the best snacks in wizard101?

One of the best places to farm is Aggrobah in Mirage. I farm the feral felons because they drop couch potatoes and evil mafma peas which are the two best seeds for getting mega snacks. Hurry and plant these plants across all your wizards:

  • Deadly Helephant Ears.
  • Couch Potatoes.
  • Sword Ferns.
  • Evil Magma Peas.
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What do evil Magma peas like?

Seeds that ” Like ” me: Bell Pepper. Red Bell Pepper. Snow Apples.

Where is Mirror Lake wizard101?

The sacred waters of Mirror Lake are found atop Shining Mountain. This is where Merle Ambrose and the Council of Light trapped Morganthe’s heart of darkness, her Deck of Shadows. Notes: This instance is repeatable.

Does waterworks give Mega snacks?

Waterworks gives a mega snack or two per run. You can also do pvp and buy mega snacks for arena tickets in the pet pavilion.

Do couch potatoes Drop Mega snacks?

Either Couch Potatoes or Evil Magma Peas will work. They each drop one mega snack at Elder.

Do evil Magma peas give Mega snacks?

you can sell everything but the mega snacks and max out your cash very easily. Magma peas give similar snack, though I don’t think they give anything above 45, grow much faster with very short time between harvesting times, but you get less gold from harvests.

Which plants give Mega snacks?

ALL of the ultra plants give mega snacks, not just on elder harvest but on normal harvest too! Most notable ones are ultra alligator pears and ultra trumpet vine (those give fish on vines, which are another plant giving megas). Apart from snacks ultra plants give amber and useful treasure cards.

Can you trade snacks in Wizard101?

You can share reagents, pet snacks, clothing items, pets if they don’t have any jewels in them, seeds, wands, amulets, rings, athames, etc. most of anything except no tc cards right now or things that say no trade items.

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Where can I find good pet snacks?

Re: where can i find good pet snacks? One good place to get them is hoard and lore packs from the Crown Shop. I’m sure almost all h&l packs have them, and you can even kill 2 birds with one stone, because you can get amazing pet snacks and good gear.

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