How To Keep Your Meat To Stick To Your Snack Stick Casing?

Why do casings fall off meat sticks?

Mixed properly the fat will stay bound with meat, non mixed enough and the fat will render out of the meat and can become trapped between your meat and the casing making it harder for the casing to stick. ramt600 you will find that mixing is the number 1 cause for casings not sticking.

Why are my snack stick casings tough?

The edible collagen casings ended up extremely tough. So tough they are just about not able to be eaten. Why so tough? The casings could have just been dried out, or coming from another supplier, who knows how long they were on the shelf before they were sold to you.

What kind of meat do you use for snack sticks?

Snack sticks can be made from just about any type of meat, from beef, pork, chicken, other poultry, wild game, or a combination of meats. Walton’s recommends using a lean to fat ratio of at least 80/20, and many times a 30% fat ratio, with a maximum of 40% fat.

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Do you need to soak snack stick casings?

There are several variations of collagen casings: fresh, smoked or processed, snack stick, rounds, or middles. » Preparation: No soaking needed. Use right out of the package.

What is the best size casing for snack sticks?

Natural collagen casings from beef for snack sticks. These are the NARROW 17mm size that is preferred by many. Each pack will hold approx 23 lbs of meat.

Can you eat snack stick casings?

Our Clear, edible collagen casings are designed for a Smoked Slim Jim style sausage snack sticks and can also be used for Fresh Pork Sausage, Fresh Breakfast Sausage and Smoked Frankfurters. They work GREAT for making Deer Snack Sticks. That brown layer isn’t plastic…it is made from collagen, and is completely edible.

How do I stop my casings from wrinkling?

kgramke Probably understuffing or humidity if they were wrinkled immediately. If you don’t already do this, also try adding a pan of water in your smoker or oven during cooking to help keep the humidity up.

Why is my sausage casing chewy?

Loosely stuffed sausage with air between the casing and meat will cause a dry casing. On the other hand, if the sausage is stuffed too tightly, the casing will be stretched out to its maximum and may also become tough.

Can you use jerky seasoning for snack sticks?

@retired-railroader Yes, you can absolutely use Jerky Seasoning to make Snack Sticks and vice versa, many people do this! If you use a seasoning that is made for snack sticks, summer sausage or brats it might give a slightly stronger taste in jerky so if you want to back it off a little that’s fine.

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What is the best beef for snack sticks?

We use a combination of beef and pork, but you can use 100% beef if you like. Be sure it is 80/20 meat -to-fat ratio. If you use a lower fat meat like venison, you should add at least 20% pork. We will also be adding citric acid to give the snack sticks a slightly tangy flavor.

How much cheese do you put in snack sticks?

Add about 10% cheese (1 lb. of cheese to 10 lbs. of meat ). The cheese will last up to 12 months at 32 degrees F to 45 degrees F and can be frozen.

Do you soak collagen casings for snack sticks?

There is no preparation for strand collagen casings. Simply take them out of the packing and put them right onto the stuffing horn/tube. There is no rinsing or soaking.

Do I have to soak collagen casings?

Collagen casings fresh casings are edible and don’t need soaking. They are clear which makes them perfect for fresh and breakfast sausages. processed casings are edible and make the ideal companion for hot dogs, smoked and cured sausage.

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