Often asked: How Long Does The Naturebox Free Snack Offer Last?

How much does NatureBox cost?

NatureBox membership costs $5 per month to get access to hundreds of discounted healthy and good-for-you snacks. In addition, members only pay for the cost of their snacks. You’re also able to order as much or as little as you want per month; you’re never charged more than the $5 membership fee.

Is NatureBox legit?

The reviews of NatureBox are glowing. Customers reported happiness across the board and would recommend NatureBox to friends and family. One customer said that it is “a great option if you want to stay healthy but love to snack.” Customers reported that they enjoyed the variety of snacks, as well as fast delivery.

Does nature box still exist?

NatureBox, a heavily funded startup that creates and sells its own line of snacks online and in big retail chains, is in talks to take on a new investment that would likely contain harsh terms for its existing investors, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

What is the best snack box subscription?

The Best Snack Subscription Boxes

  • Snacks Every Month. mouth.com.
  • Cheese Board of the Month Club. Murray’s murrayscheese.com.
  • SnackSack. cratejoy.com.
  • Allergen-Free Box. naturebox.com.
  • Yum Box. universalyums.com.
  • Candy Club. candyclub.com.
  • Classic Bokksu. bokksu.com.
  • Small-Batch Organic Chocolate Subscription.
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What are the most popular subscription boxes?

The Absolute Best Monthly Subscription Boxes of All Time

  • ipsy.
  • Bespoke Post.
  • Barkbox.
  • Allure Beauty Box.
  • Menlo Club.
  • Book of the Month.
  • Stitch Fix.
  • Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo.

Who owns nature box?

Gautam Gupta, the founder of subscription snack box company NatureBox, says that working at VC firm General Catalyst before starting his own company was crucial in preparing him for the challenges of running a business.

How do you cancel your subscription to NatureBox?

Dial 888-613-6998 to reach the NatureBox customer support team. Ask the company representative to cancel your membership.

Is graze in the US?

In November 2012, The Carlyle Group purchased the majority stake of Graze. Graze opened a distribution center in New Jersey in January 2013 to begin beta trials in the United States. Graze officially expanded into the United States by late 2013 and has offices in Jersey City, New Jersey and Manhattan, New York.

Does graze ship to USA?

Unfortunately graze has had to make the difficult decision to stop shipping to the US. We really appreciate your support and thanks for grazing with us.

Which is better Munchpak or universal Yums?

If I had to choose, I’d stick with Munchpak. Regardless of the amount of snacks that were in the Universal Yums box, I found myself not liking a lot of the snacks anyway. Therefore, I honestly found more value in liking 4 out of the 5 snacks in my Munchpak box, than the 4 out of 9 in my Universal Yums box.

How can I get free snack boxes?

Free Snack and Food Subscription Boxes

  1. Graze. What you get: When you join Graze, you’ll get an assortment of healthy, tasty, and delicious snacks delivered to your door every month.
  2. Love with Food.
  3. Blue Bottle Coffee.
  4. Scent Trunk.
  5. Gwynnie Bee.
  6. Book of the Month Club.
  7. Harry’s.
  8. Hubble.
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What is the cheapest subscription box?

Best Cheap Subscription Boxes Under $15 – Beauty & Glamour

  • IPSY Glam Bag.
  • Birchbox.
  • Walmart Beauty Box.
  • Scentbird.
  • MightyFix.
  • Dollar Shave Club.
  • Billie.
  • Facetory 4-Ever Fresh.

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