Often asked: What Is A Good Snack To Go With Gin?

What food does gin pair well with?

Here are 10 foods that are just perfect when paired with Gin.

  • Smoked salmon. Cold cured smoked salmon, perhaps with a little spicy kick, is a stunning combination with your Gin & Tonic.
  • Cucumber sandwiches. G & T with afternoon tea?
  • Prawn or Shrimp.
  • Fish and Chips.
  • Strong cheese.
  • Cured meats.
  • Lamb Curry.
  • Mussels.

What soft drinks go with gin?

The best gin mixers (and we’re not talking tonic)

  • Bitter lemon. Alamy Stock Photos. Cloudy and pale in colour, don’t be put off by the title.
  • Soda water. Getty Images.
  • Cranberry juice. Getty Images.
  • Fizzy elderflower. Getty Images.
  • Ginger beer. Getty Images.
  • Tomato juice. Getty Images.
  • Coca-Cola. Getty Images.

Does Gin go with cheese?

Gin varietals range from floral, citrus, herbaceous to juniper forward in flavor. The flavors of the bontanicals make gin an excellent pairing for cheese, complimenting the natural flavor profiles of a wide variety of cheeses.

What cheese goes with gin?

Gin works well with a variety of cheeses And it is these floral notes that go so well with cheese – from mild white mould cheeses to stronger cheeses, like a lightly smoked cheese, an aged gouda or even a blue cheese. Goat’s milk cheeses are also good paired with gin.

Can you drink gin straight?

We ‘re potentially biased, but gin really is a special, unique and versatile spirit. While we ‘re big fans of a perfectly poured gin and tonic, as a small batch gin brand we are often asked if you can drink gin neat. The answer is yes – gin is a great sipping spirit!

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Does gin and coke go together?

The short answer, of course, is yes, you can mix gin and coke. You can mix anything you want. And with the right palate, you might find that you enjoy drink a gin / coke mix. However, a real cocktail scientist might tell you the sweetness in the coke and the bitterness in the gin would be a little…

What is the best way to drink gin?

  1. Try Gin in Cocktails, Preferably a Martini.
  2. Maybe You Want to Go with a Gin & Tonic or Even Gin & Coke.
  3. When Making Gin Cocktails, Complement and Contrast.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Drink Gin Neat.
  5. Play with the Temperature.
  6. Once You’ve Become a Gin Geek, Sip Vintage Gins.

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