Often asked: What Pet Snack Should I Use For My Strom Pet W101?

What is the best storm pet in Wizard101?

The pet body that is probably the most popular now for Storm is Rain Core. You can hatch with it at the kiosk. Once you have a Stormy egg back, you’ve got it!

How do you get the kraken pet in Wizard101?

To obtain the Kraken Pet you need to be a level 58 Diviner. Every school gets a quest from their teacher to get a pet from there school.

How do you feed pet snacks for happiness?

If you click on the first icon with a pet snack on it, you’ll get a new prompt window. You choose your desired snack and click the “Offer Snack for Happiness ” button or the snack button in bottom left corner. This will start refilling your pet’s happiness bar.

What are good pet talents Wizard101?

Re: IN YOUR OPINION: What are the best talents for your pet? For a nice well rounded pet, I typically gravitate towards universal resistance (proof and defy), a may cast heal or two (usually spritely, fairy, or unicorn for me), and some damage (often pain-giver).

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What is a good storm pet?

A good storm pet at max would be something like quint damage, quad crit + dealer, trip crit + double damage. If you’re just questing triple damage + double resist is kind of the standard. The pet with the best cards is probably the Rain Core.

Where do you get storm pets in wizard101?

There is a storm pet that drops of a boss in stormriven hall in celestia that is really good called spinyfish.

Where is the Kraken wizard101?


View Drops ⧨
Minion N/A
Wizard City Triton Avenue – Four Falls Mill


How do you get pets in Stormzilla?

Note: This Pet is granted to Wizards who buy the Level 50 Elixir from the Crown Shop.

  1. Prior to August 2020, this Stormzilla Pet was given to Wizards who completed the Level 48 Storm School Quest, Stormbringer.
  2. As of August 2020, the Thundersaurus Rex Pet is given for that Quest.

Does pet happiness affect Maycast?

No. The ” may cast ” spells are totally random. Not fixed, not depending on stats. Each pet is an individual (identical pets will not get the same talents all the time).

How do I feed my pet in Wizard 101?

you can feed you pet snack to your pet from the pet pavilion, enter threw any training game, finish the game, then there will be a menu that displays all your ‘e pet snacks that you currently have. you can then feed any snack to your pet and it will increase (depends an what rank the snack is).

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What does pet happiness do in Wizard 101?

Pet Happiness fuels actions like activating talents, and the addition of forty brand new Talents, including Adventuring Talents and Combat Talents, opens a whole new realm of pet possibilities. “To not only play with your pet, but play as your pet, creates a whole new way to experience Wizard101.”

How do you get a good pet in Wizard101?

1) Get a pet, any pet, and train it to adult. Stop. Take that pet to the kiosk and select a ” perfect ” pet to hatch with. Keep hatching until you get the pet body type that you truly want.

How do you train your pet fast in Wizard101?

Dance game is the quickest and easiest game for training your pets. Most people just fail it on purpose, then feed their pet the snack. Its very quick this way, although you miss out on a few XP points from completing the game.

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