Question: How To Fold Up A Bob Stroller Duallie With Snack Tray?

Can you put two car seats on a Bob Duallie?

Will the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter work with two car seats? No. For BOB Gear Duallie strollers the Infant Car Seat Adapter is designed for one car seat. We are unable to fit two car seats side-by-side and keep the overall width at less than 32 inches, which is the average door width.

Does the Bob stroller fold up?

Most BOB strollers feature a two-step collapsing mechanism. Folding it is fairly easy, same as unfolding it. It’s also equally easy to push the BOB stroller, clean and maintain it.

Do BOB strollers have brakes?

The BOB strollers have the nicest parking brake mechanism of any of the strollers we looked at. The spring-loaded foot brake is easy to engage and disengage, and stays solidly where it should when in use and not in use.

Are Britax and Bob the same?

The CPSC suit seeks to force Britax, which owns the Bob brand, to recall the strollers. The agency in its press release didn’t advise consumers to stop using Bob jogging strollers built through September 2015.

Can you use a BOB stroller with an infant?

Babies under eight weeks old can ride in style in any BOB Gear stroller with the use of the Infant Car Seat Adapter. The accessory slides into the Accessory Adapter and will audibly “click” into place. Then, parents can install the infant car seat similar to how you would install it into its base in the car.

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Can you put a carseat in a BOB stroller?

BOB strollers such as the BOB Revolution Flex not only connect with car seats, but they also connect with multiple brands which means that you can use your Britax and Chicco seat with your BOB stroller. BOB strollers are compatible with car seats with the purchase of a removable adapter.

What does Bob stroller mean?

Stroller brand review: BOB: BOB has won accolades for their innovative joggers—you can tell these were designed by runners for runners. (Trivia note: BOB stands for Beast of Burden, the company’s original name—the owners decided BOB was easier to spell… and would avoid a lawsuit from Mick Jagger).

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