Question: How To Turn Armoire Into Mini Fridge Snack Area?

How do you disguise a mini fridge?

Conceal your mini fridge with designs For instance, you can cover your fridge with wallpaper or a patterned cloth to match the walls. You may place your mini refrigerator inside a closet or a kitchen cabinet or even disguise it as a side table for your coffee maker.

Is it safe to put mini fridge in cabinet?

More specifically, you cannot put a fridge into a normal, unmodified cupboard – it will not work! Without proper ventilation, heat will build up around the unit, leading to decreased performance and eventual failure. This heat must be able to dissipate so that the fridge can operate efficiently.

Can you build in a mini fridge?

Mini refrigerators are a staple of dorm rooms, man caves, and garage workshops across the country. But if you have the patience, the skills, and the right supplies, you can construct your own mini fridge for a fraction of the cost.

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How much space should be around a mini fridge?

Side Clearance – Plan for between one-half inch to one-inch of clearance on both sides of the unit. Rear Clearance – Allow between one to two inches of space at the rear of the refrigerator for proper airflow. Top Clearance – Ensure there is a minimum of one-half inch to one-inch of clearance on top of the unit.

How do you store a mini fridge in a bedroom?

Mini fridges are great for bedrooms to keep quick drinks or small snacks cold. As the bottom coil heats up and cools down, we recommend placing the mini – fridge on a hard surface, preferably no cushions or soft surfaces.

How can I hide my fridge?

Integrate behind cabinet doors Perhaps the most common way to hide a refrigerator is to go for an integrated one with kitchen unit doors attached. Integrated appliances are specially created to be housed inside cabinetry, with enhanced ventilation and insulation so the workings don’t get too hot.

Can a mini fridge catch fire?

All electrical appliances create some risk of an electrical fire, and mini fridges caught on fire before. To reduce the risk, always plug your refrigerator directly into the electrical outlet rather than using extension cords or adaptors. If your fridge came with a grounding prong, use it.

Can I put mini fridge on carpet?

You can ‘t and shouldn’t put a fridge or a mini fridge on a carpet. It can block airflow to the condenser, which is located at the bottom of the refrigerator, and retain heat. It can cause the appliance to not work properly or work extra harder, resulting in higher electricity bills and more damage.

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Can a mini fridge overheat?

Since the compressor and condenser are built into the bottom of the refrigerator, placing the unit on carpet will pose a risk of you overheating your refrigerator and possibly singeing your carpet. Otherwise, the mini fridge will have to work extra hard to cool down, and may overheat.

Can a mini fridge go in a closet?

So, Can You Put A Mini Fridge In The Closet? Yes – it’s perfectly OK to keep your fridge in the closet. A small TEC-sized fridge would do the trick. The only reason why you should install a fridge in such a seemingly unorthodox space is that you must have a fridge and there isn’t enough space in the house.

Does a mini fridge need ventilation?

To safely keep a mini – fridge in a cabinet, you will need to provide ample spacing around the sides of the fridge. Fridges require proper ventilation to run and release heat correctly, usually out the back. There should be an open backing on the cabinet or a couple of inches of space to allow heat to release.

How can you make a mini fridge without electricity?

Here’s how to make one:

  1. Get two unglazed ceramic pots—one that will fit inside the other—plus some sand and water.
  2. Fill the bottom of the larger pot with a couple inches of sand.
  3. Put the smaller pot in the larger one.
  4. Fill the space between the pots with sand.
  5. Pour water into the sand.

What can I do with space above my fridge?

Ideas for using that awkward space above the fridge Use it for plants and baskets for storage. Custom shelving for cookbooks and wine. Build one long shelf over the fridge & pantry. Add rustic wood shelves.

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Is it OK to put things on top of fridge?

Don’t Store Stuff on Top of the Fridge Placing cereal boxes and other junk on top of your refrigerator could block heat from escaping, and cause the compressor to work harder than it’s supposed to–that’s not good for your electric bill or the lifespan of your fridge.

How far should a refrigerator be away from the wall?

Space Between Refrigerator and Side Wall You should allow for a ½ inch to 1 inch of extra space between the refrigerator and side walls. Allow the same amount of clearance at the top. The refrigerator distance from the back wall should be a bit more, about 1 to 2 inches.

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