Question: How To Use Salty Snack In Yandere Simulator?

Who has a crush on Osana?

Osana Najimi’s Suitor Kyuji Konagawa is the suitor of Osana Najimi. The player can matchmake Osana with Kyuji in the demo.

How do you sabotage a vending machine in Yandere simulator?

Ayano can sabotage one of the drink machines through the use of a screwdriver. This causes the machine to take in money but not dispense any drinks. This is used to expel Osana on Thursday, where you report her for vandalism.

What kind of guy is Osana into?

Raibaru then asks what her type is and what she likes in a guy, besides tans. Osana will say that she likes a guy who has a ponytail, glasses, and piercings. She also values intelligence, and that any guy she dates has to be a cat person.

Who is info Chan’s crush?

Her name is Osana Najimi. She has a crush on him. She believes in the myth about the cherry tree behind the school.

Who is Senpai’s crush?

Taro Yamada, also known as Senpai, is the love of Ayano Aishi/Ayato Aishi’s life and one of the main characters of Yandere Simulator.

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How do you steal the ring in Yandere simulator?

On Tuesday, the player must steal Sakyu Basu’s ring while she’s eating lunch and place the ring in Osana’s bag, which is at her desk. After that, the player must report Osana to the guidance counselor and attend class.

Where is the rat poison in Yandere simulator?

Emetic poison is located in the Gardening Club’s shed. It can also be obtained via the drops menu, but it costs 25 Info Points.

Where is the cafeteria in Yandere?

The cafeteria is located on the second floor in the south wing of the school.

How do you kill Osana easily?

What you first is join the Gardening club to access the poison stored inside the main shed. This will be done on a Monday, the day in which Osana gives Senpai a bento box. Go to her class (while shes not there) and you will be given the option to poison the bento box.

How do you befriend Osana?

In order to befriend Osana, the player must complete Osana’s task. At 7:30 AM, Osana gets a phone call from her stalker. The player must hear Osana’s private phonecall without being caught eavesdropping. After that, at cleaning time, Osana and Raibaru will have a private conversation about Osana’s personal problem.

How old is Osana?


Name Osana najimi
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday November 17th
Dere Type Tsundere


What day does Osana go to the pool?

February 8th, 2016. One of Osana Najimi’s unique elimination methods involves the pool. This unique elimination method classifies as drowning. Osana will fall asleep sunbathing by the pool during lunch time on Thursday with Raibaru Fumetsu and the Bullies.

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How old is Najimi?


Role Rival, Senpai’s Childhood Friend
Age Around 18
Persona Believed to be Clingy/Damsel
Persona Confirmed as Tsundere
Crush Senpai


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