Question: Where To Buy Bickels Snack Foods?

Is Bickels chips still in business?

Bickel’s Potato Chip Company began life in 1954 under the guidance of Luther Bickel. Today, Bickel’s is one of the few manufacturers that can offer the full gamut of salted snacks: Potato Chips, Pretzels, Tortilla Chips, Corn Chips, Cheese Curls, Popcorn and Party Mixes.

What happened to Bickel’s chips?

In 1998 Bickel’s was purchased by Hanover Foods Corporation. To further strengthen its position in the salted snack category, in 2000 Hanover Foods purchased York Snacks and the Bon Ton Potato Chip facility in York, Pennsylvania. The companies were consolidated as ” Bickel’s Snack Foods, Inc.”

Who bought Troyer farms?

Troyer Potato Products Inc., which bills itself as the nation’s only grower-owned chip maker, has agreed to sell itself to York-based Bickel’s Snack Foods Inc.

Where can I buy Troyer Farms potato chips?

Troyer Farms Bar-B-Q Potato Chips, 8.5 Oz. – –

Who makes Bonton chips?

Bickel’s Snack Foods is a division of Hanover Foods Corporation. It acquired the Bon – Ton plant in 2000.

Do they still make Bon Ton potato chips?

They are still being made today. They come in a variety of flavors. To name a few: Plain, Salt and vinegar, and most popular in the 80’s Barbeque. The following are links about Bonton Potato chips you may find interesting.

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Can you still buy Troyer Farms Chips?

Ohio-based Shearer’s Snacks produces potato chips, kettle corn and other goodies at former Troyer Farms plant. WATERFORD — The former Troyer Farms potato chip plant on Route 97 in Waterford Township is still making chips, but with another name and for another owner.

Where is Troyer Farms located?

Glenn Troyer Farms is a family owned and operated third generation farm located in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania in the rural community of Waterford.

Where can I buy Troyer Farms cheese puffs?

Troyer Farms Cheese Puff, 7.5 Oz. – –

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