Question: Why Had Asher Been Punished For Confusing The Words “snack” And “smack”?

Why did Asher keep getting disciplined when he was a three?

As a toddler, Asher “always talked too fast and mixed up words” while he was trying to master precision of language (ch 7, p. 55). The community’s obsession with precision led to poor Asher being punished over and over again for saying the wrong word, to the point that he stopped talking altogether.

What might the incident involving Asher asking for a smack instead of a snack indicate about the community the giver?

In The Giver, what might the incident involving Asher asking for a “smack ” indicate about the community? They smack him when he accidentally says ” smack ” instead of ” snack.”

What happened to Asher when 3 was smacked a lot?

Why did Asher get smacked a lot when he was a Three? He kept saying ” smack ” instead of “snack.” Why did Jonas get so upset during the Ceremony of Twelve? His turn was skipped over when giving assignments by Chief Elder.

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What did Asher’s hesitation in congratulating Jonas indicate?

When did Asher’s hesitation in congratulating Jonas indicate? Jonas interpreted that Asher’s hesitation in congratulating him as uncertainty and he didn’t know what Jonas would have to do or why he was selected.

How does Asher apologize?

“I apologize to my classmates,” Asher concluded. He smoothed his rumpled tunic and sat down. “We accept your apology, Asher.” The class recited the standard response in unison. Many of the students were biting their lips to keep from laughing.

Why did Asher apologize Jonas?

Jonas has asked them to stop playing it because he knows that it is based on war, and Asher does not have this context so he becomes upset at being told to stop. He tells Jonas he has no right to tell them what they can play, but he immediately apologizes, “I apologize for not showing you the respect you deserve” (Ch.

What happened to Asher when he said smack?

The Chief Elder recalls Asher’s struggles as a child with language acquisition and how difficult it was for him to tell the difference between the words “snack” and ” smack.” Every time Asher would mistake the words “snack” and ” smack,” a Childcare specialist would strike him with a “discipline wand.” Asher continued to

Why did Jonas want to disappear to fade away not to exist?

He wanted to disappear, to fade away, not to exist. He didn’t dare to turn and find his parents in the crowd. He couldn’t bear to see their faces darkened with shame.

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What assignment did Asher receive?

Job Assignment Asher was assigned the job of Assistant Recreational Director in the book, and assigned Pilot in the movie. (He was the fourth one to receive his job assignment as his birth number is #4, meaning that he was the fourth child born in his year out of 50 children.

What word did Asher incorrectly use in class?

The most memorable example of Asher not using precise language is when he said “smack” instead of “snack” as a toddler. Since toddlers are swatted with a Discipline Wand, they smacked him every time he asked for a snack, until her didn’t talk at all.

What is the discipline wand in the giver?

The discipline wand is a thin, flexible weapon that stings painfully when wielded. It is used mainly on small children, but is used occasionally on the children younger than 8. A smack across the hands was for minor misbehavior, and three harder ones across the bare legs for a second offense.

Why was Jonas so shocked at the end of Chapter 10?

Why was Jonas so shocked at the end of chapter 10? He couldn’t believe how old the Receiver was. The Receiver told him to keep their meetings a secret. The Receiver told him to remove his tunic.

Why is the transmittal of the memory of snow so exhausting to the old man?

Why is the transmittal of the memory of snow so exhausting to the old man? The old man is exhausted because it was a very distant memory. He said he had to tug it forward from many generations back. This reveals that the community does not have this type of weather, and it was a very long time ago when snow fell.

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Why is Jonas feeling hesitation and uncertainty from his friend?

When Jonas finally sees his best friend, Asher, near the bicycles, Asher hesitates to say hello to him, and Jonas notices the uncertainty in Asher’s behavior. Asher is both hesitant and uncertain because he does not understand Jonas’s enigmatic, exclusive Assignment.

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