Quick Answer: Healthy Stuff To Snack On When Youre High?

What should you eat when stoned?

This Week in Houston Food Events: Shrimpfest, Nurses Day and a Pop-Up Night Market

  • Nachos.
  • Breakfast Foods.
  • Taco Bell.
  • Cookies.
  • Ice cream.
  • Chips. No fuss, little muss.
  • Macaroni & Cheese. For some, a box of Kraft will do; others prefer the homemade version.
  • Chinese Take-out. Crab Rangoon, anyone?

What is the best snack when you’re high?

You know you ‘ ll inevitably get the munchies, so your snack options need to be on point. The 25 Greatest Stoner Snack Foods of All Time

  • Doritos. Image via Complex Original.
  • Pizza Rolls. Image via Complex Original.
  • Brite Crawlers.
  • Top Ramen.
  • Slurpee.
  • Pop Tarts.
  • Cheese Balls.
  • Marshmallow Fluff.

What should I drink while high?

Drink water to put your body back on track. Squeeze a lemon. Lemons contain a chemical compound that may decrease the effects of THC in the brain. Adding lemon juice or zest to some water might help when you’re feeling too high.

How do you have fun when your high?

Fun things to do while high with friends or a partner

  1. Go for a high -ke.
  2. Go to a music festival or local concert.
  3. Paint and Puff with The Paint Sesh.
  4. Bust out the Video Games.
  5. Play Cards.
  6. Visit an art gallery, museum or exhibit.
  7. Play Frisbee at a park.
  8. Have a Stoner Movie Marathon.
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What do you eat on 420?

You may actually already have some of these at home!

  • Pizza.
  • Tacos.
  • Loaded fries.
  • Grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Cheese sticks.
  • Chicken wings.
  • Cheese quesadilla.
  • Brownies.

Does taking a shower take away your high?

Take a shower A cold shower may be even more effective. Feeling fresh can help a person regain control and spur them on to other activities that will ease the high, so it could be a good place to start.

How do u sober up?

How to sober up in the morning

  1. Go back to sleep.
  2. Take an OTC pain reliever to treat your headache.
  3. Drink water to counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol.
  4. Drink a sports drink fortified with vitamins and minerals, like Gatorade.
  5. Treat gastrointestinal upset with an OTC product like Pepto-Bismol or Tums.

Does drinking water after smoking help?

Water also helps flush residual nicotine out of the body, and by keeping yourself well-hydrated, you’ll feel better overall.

How do you know if your kid is high?

If someone is actually high on marijuana, there may be some visible signs that they are under the influence: They may seem unsteady on their feet or appear dizzy. They could have bloodshot eyes. They might laugh inappropriately or seem silly for no reason.

Do you feel dizzy when you’re high?

Some potential effects of marijuana include: dizziness. dry mouth.

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