Quick Answer: How Much Chees For Snack Platter For 12 People?

How much cheese do I need for 12 guests?

If you’re serving the cheese as a hors d’oeuvre, plan on 1 to 2 ounces of each cheese per person. If you’re serving the cheese as an after-dinner cheese course, figure 1 to 1 1/2 ounces of each cheese per person.

What portion size of cheese do you need to give per person on a cheese platter?

For pre-dinner or cocktails, allow around 30-35 grams of each style of cheese per person. If the cheese board is the cheese course of a dinner party, around 70 grams per person. If your cheese board is the focus of the party, plan on 150-200 grams per person.

How much cheese do I need for 10 people?

If you’re serving a cheese platter as the main hors d’oeuvre, you’re likely to need at least 2 ounces of each cheese per person. Example: 1 pound has 16 ounces, so for a party of 10 people where the cheese platter is the main hors d’oeuvre, you should consider buying 1.25 pounds (20 ounces) of each type of cheese.

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How much cheese do I need for 15 people?

For a party in which cheese is the main event, plan on buying 3 pounds for eight people, 6 pounds for 16 people, or 9 pounds for 24 people. If cheese is one of many items being served, plan on buying 3 to 4 ounces per person.

Can cheese be served as a starter?

CHEESE AS A STARTER A cheese platter is a great way to pep up your taste buds before the main course, and it is perfect when you want to impress your guests early on. Choose from a selection of soft and hard cheeses and serve them with dried meats and crackers for different textures and flavours.

What cheese is best with crackers?

Try fresh goat cheese or chevre with a drizzle of honey or maybe some fig jam on a cracker or slice of baguette. The plain is always a hit and it’s nice to offer the pairing of a plain log with an herb-coated one for variety.

What makes a good cheese platter?


  • 3–5 varieties of cheese, soft, semi firm, hard/aged.
  • 1–2 varieties of cured meats, salami, prosciutto.
  • 2–3 varieties of crackers (or crusty bread, baguette)
  • Seasonal fruit or dried fruit.
  • Nuts.
  • Pickled or marinated items, such as mini pickles (cornichons) or olives.
  • Optional: something sweet, such as jam or honey.

How much cheese should you serve per person?

If you are serving a cheese plate as a meal, we recommend 200-250 g per person.

How do you make a good cheese platter?

How to make a cheese plate step-by-step!

  1. Start with the big items: bowls and cheese.
  2. Add meats, bread, and crackers.
  3. Fill in big spaces with fruit and nuts.
  4. Add some olives and fill any small bowls.
  5. Tuck some greenery into any space that’s still empty.
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How much cheese can I eat per day?

Researchers suggest that eating around 40 grams (or 1.41 ounces) of cheese every day could help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Share on Pinterest Researchers suggest that eating a small amount of cheese every day may benefit heart health.

What is the best cheese to use for raclette?

The cheese: If you can’t find cheese specifically made for raclette, use any really good melting Swiss cheese, such as Gruyere or even Appenzeller. Make sure the cheese has a flat surface to melt in front of the fire.

What do you serve with a cheese board?


  • Crackers and small-sliced breads.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit: cucumbers; grapes; sliced pears or apples, for example.
  • Sweet: dried figs; and honey or jam.
  • Tangy: olives and other marinated items like artichokes.

How much cheese goes on a sandwich?

Instead, use 1 1/2 ounces of cheese per sandwich (using a single layer of cheese ) and coat the outer sides of the bread with a little less butter.

How many cubes is a pound of cheese?

These measurements are the same for cheddar, mozzarella, American, Swiss, jack, and other processed block cheeses. We found that our 1/4 pound block in our sample size equals 2/3 cup of cubed cheese. If you have a full 1 pound block equals 2.67 cups of cubes.

How much cheese goes on a cheese board?

If you are serving a cheese board as a meal, we recommend 7-8 ounces per person.

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