Quick Answer: What Are The Bonuses Of Having A Pet Like Or Love A Snack Wizard101?

What do pet stats do in Wizard101?

Pets have five main statistics that influence their talents – Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will, and Power. The higher each statistic is, the higher your pet’s talent skills will be.

What does pet happiness do in Wizard101?

Pet Happiness fuels actions like activating talents, and the addition of forty brand new Talents, including Adventuring Talents and Combat Talents, opens a whole new realm of pet possibilities.

Does pet happiness matter Wizard101?

Conclusion. Pet happiness and talent tokens are interesting additions to the Wizard101 pet world. Right now, they don’t feel too overpowered and are completely optional addition to our pets.

What do pet stats do?

Every pet has stats for Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will, and Power, and an experience bar. The pet’s stats will improve and experience will be gained based on the games you play, how well you score in those games, and the snacks you feed your pet.

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What is the best life pet in Wizard101?

For the stats I recommend a basic Triple Damage Double Resist ( Life Giver, Pain Giver, Life Bringer, Spell Proof, Spell Defy). As for the pet itself choose one that you really like! However if you’re more focused on cards and stuff then maybe a pet that gives a Balance or Lifeblade card could be useful.

What are the Max pet stats Wizard101?

Each pet has a maximum for each of its five attributes, strength, intellect, agility, will, power. These can be up to 255 250 260 260 250 respectively. These determine how good the pet can be. e.g. Suppose your pet has spell proof.

Does pet happiness affect Maycast?

No. The ” may cast ” spells are totally random. Not fixed, not depending on stats. Each pet is an individual (identical pets will not get the same talents all the time).

How many people still play Wizard101?


Month Avg. Players % Gain
December 2020 344.8 +25.82%
November 2020 274.0 +0.88%
October 2020 271.6 -9.73%
September 2020 300.9 -10.32%


Does pet happiness affect may cast?

The one thing i curious to know is does a happiness actually affect may cast rates. I seen to many things in this game to be just coincidence. I be using my hexi heal forest lord as a basis since that pet cast often enough to see if it going to cast anything.

How do pets get experience Wizard101?

Stats and Experience The Pet’s stats (except Happiness) will improve and Experience will be gained based on the games you play, how well you score in those games, and the Snacks you feed your Pet. An equipped Pet will also gain 4 Experience for every Quest your Wizard completes.

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Where can I train my pet in Wizard101?

How to train your pet VERY quickly

  • Earn 425 gold.
  • Go to the Bazaar in Olde Town.
  • Buy a Glowing Star Fruit.
  • Head to Pet Pavilion.
  • Play a pet game (I recommend Dance Game, because it’s SO easy)
  • Feed your pet the Glowing Star Fruit.
  • Repeat everything above until you have lost all your energy.
  • Put the pet and all your pet snacks into your shared bank.

What is the best death PET in wizard101?

As for the Pet Body, the Death Deckathalon Hamster is the best (It is also the best First-Gen Death Pet ). The next best Pet would be the Ghulture, as it gives a Blade and Feint item card. If, however, you plan on doing PvP, the Gloomy Eye is to be preferred.

What is the best fire pet in wizard101?

The fire class pet is the best, however it is only available via the deckathalon which just happened. The Sun Serpent is fantastic as it gives a fire blade as well as a fuel and 7 pip sun serpent. Realistically, any pet with a fire blade is fine.

What is the best balance pet?

Next, let’s look at some pets that are BETTER than my favorite!

  • Clockwork Paladin. The Clockwork Paladin is the most popular Balance pet around at the moment.
  • Flamenco Tocador. The Flamenco Tocador is the second most popular pet among Balance overlords.
  • Balance Armaments.
  • Rain Beetle.

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