Quick Answer: What Is The Heck Hound Favorite Snack?

Is Storm hound a good pet?

Before the Sea Dragon, talents, and mixing were available, the Storm Hound was widely regarded as one of the best pets in the game, especially for Storm.

What level is Heck Hound?

per pip over 3 rounds. Requirements: Required Character Level: 18.

How do you get the storm hound pet in wizard101?

The only way to get one through hatching is to find someone who has one and that they are willing to hatch with your pet and get a more rare pet than the storm hound and pay more. Or else you can always buy it for crowns or keep on fighting. He only drops it.

Where do I get the storm hound TC?

INFORMATION: The Storm Hound treasure card really is a collector’s item – you can only find it two places. You might be lucky and happen upon one in a trade, or you could get one from the Marvelous Minions Pack. The thing is, it’s a rare card from the pack and the card pack costs real money – it’s crowns only.

Is Sea Dragon a good pet wizard101?

The sea dragon is an amazing pet, but it’s not intended just for Fire wizards. The reason it’s so amazing is that it was the first pet to have very high stats (most are 240-250) and NO selfish talents. People use this pet to hatch with weaker pets to give them solid, strong stats and some universal talents to build on.

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How do you get treasure cards in wizard101?

You draw a Treasure Card by pressing the “DRAW” button, but you must have less than 7 Spell Cards in your hand.

  1. If you have 7 cards, you can Discard a Spell Card (remove it from your deck for this Duel) by Right-Clicking it.
  2. You cannot discard a Treasure Card the turn you draw it.


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