Quick Answer: What To Put On Wedding Snack Tables?

What snacks to have at a wedding?

Explore 35 of our favorite budget-friendly wedding finger foods:

  • Potsticker Spoons.
  • Bar Munchies.
  • Veggie Skewers.
  • Soup Shooters.
  • DIY Taco Bar.
  • Mini Pigs In a Blanket.
  • Potato Salad Cups.
  • Mexican Corn on the Cob.

What do you put on a wedding reception table?

You can go with lanterns, bird cages, floating candles, votives, floral wedding centerpieces or a mix of these. There is so much variety to choose from! (Check out this affordable wedding centerpieces article for more inspiration and fabulous and simple DIYs!)

How do you serve snacks at a wedding?

Depending on what your guests prefer you can choose cute sandwiches, hotdogs or hamburgers, chips and popcorn, vegetable mix or small Italian pizzas, peanuts or pretzels. Don’t forget to think over how you’ll serve your snacks, you can create boxes or other cute packages with your hands or take classic trays.

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What is the cheapest food to serve at a wedding?

Check out these Inexpensive Wedding Foods that you can serve as a plated meal at your wedding reception.

  • Oatmeal: Wild Mushroom & Asparagus, Oatmeal, Oatmeal Crusted Chicken or Fish.
  • Potatoes: Baked Potatoes, Potato Soup, Duchess Potatoes, Roasted Potatoes.
  • Canned Tuna: Salad Nicoise.
  • Bread: Rolls, Breadsticks.

What do you eat for lunch on wedding day?

Eat Often With a Light Lunch and Snacks Try a light protein and vegetable lunch if your schedule permits and enlist a bridesmaid to keep snacks around. Good options are almonds, trail mix, peanut butter crackers, half a turkey sandwich, apples, string cheese, and protein/snack bars, Colley says.

How will you present an appetizer attractive?


  1. Use toothpicks and small plastic skewers to hold small complementary pieces of food together.
  2. For appetizers that need to be contained inside small dishes, like pasta salads and fruit salads, choose a non-conventional dish to serve them in.
  3. Remember to decorate the platters, as well.

How do you arrange an appetizer buffet table?

  1. Set up several tables around the party space for appetizers.
  2. Place a platter of food in the middle of each table to serve as your centerpiece.
  3. Place the smaller plates or bowls of appetizers on the tables closest to the kitchen or ovens.
  4. Clear an end of one of the appetizer tables for empty plates and cups.

How do you set a table for buffet service?

Tips for Setting a Buffet Table

  1. Vary the height. Just as you would vary heights with centerpieces, you should do the same with a buffet.
  2. Have a clear beginning.
  3. Identify dishes.
  4. Give some support.
  5. Save utensils for last.
  6. Position strategically.
  7. Use strategic layouts.
  8. Create an Instagram-worthy table backdrop.
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How do you decorate a wedding reception table?

Things to Put on Wedding Tables Scatter shells around the table. Design your own dinner menus that incorporate your theme and colors and leave one on top of each place setting. Add a runner to each table. Choose a fabric that incorporates your colors but also has a fun design or pattern on it to jazz things up.

Can you rent centerpieces for weddings?

Did you know you can RENT your centerpieces? That’s right! Flower rentals are a great way to save tons of money on your wedding.

How do you add color to a wedding table?

Implement colorful glassware at your reception for easy, vibrant style. There are plenty of ways to add color to your wedding reception table by way of florals, linens, centerpiece vessels, and of course china, charger plates, and flatware; however, one clever way to add a burst of vibrancy is with drinkware.

How can I feed my wedding guests cheap?

7 Inexpensive Affordable Wedding Food Ideas

  1. #1: Order a wedding meal from a local restaurant.
  2. #3: Set up do-it-yourself (DIY) food stations for guests.
  3. #4: Go big on ‘cheese & charcuterie.
  4. #5: Have a potluck wedding.
  5. #6: Hire a food truck.
  6. #7: Go for pre-made or frozen appetizers.
  7. Every Love Story is Beautiful!

What is the best menu for a wedding?

Whether you want to include classics like chicken or beef, or serve up something unique like vegan burgers, these wedding food ideas are sure to inspire. Wedding Finger Food Ideas

  • Caprese Cups.
  • Bruschetta.
  • Sliders.
  • Mini Tacos.
  • Veggie Roll-ups.
  • Meatballs.
  • French Fries.
  • Spring Rolls.
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What are some examples of finger foods?

  • Crostini are a great finger food idea that is extremely versatile.
  • Skewered meatballs are a popular finger food.
  • Maple Bacon Wrapped Pork Bites.
  • Cheesesteak Wonton Cups.
  • Buffalo Chicken Meatball Skewers.
  • Beer Battered Onions Rings.
  • Loaded Waffle Fry Nachos.
  • Cheesy Bread Sticks (with Pillsbury Dough)

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