Quick Answer: Where Are Pet Snack Vendors In Mirage?

Where can I find good pet snacks?

Re: where can i find good pet snacks? One good place to get them is hoard and lore packs from the Crown Shop. I’m sure almost all h&l packs have them, and you can even kill 2 birds with one stone, because you can get amazing pet snacks and good gear.

Where can I find mega snacks?

One of the best places to farm is Aggrobah in Mirage. I farm the feral felons because they drop couch potatoes and evil mafma peas which are the two best seeds for getting mega snacks.

Can you trade snacks in wizard101?

You can share reagents, pet snacks, clothing items, pets if they don’t have any jewels in them, seeds, wands, amulets, rings, athames, etc. most of anything except no tc cards right now or things that say no trade items.

What plants drop Mega snacks?

ALL of the ultra plants give mega snacks, not just on elder harvest but on normal harvest too! Most notable ones are ultra alligator pears and ultra trumpet vine (those give fish on vines, which are another plant giving megas). Apart from snacks ultra plants give amber and useful treasure cards.

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Is Mega Snack Pack worth it?

Yes. The mega – snacks are well worth the price.

Do red couch potatoes Drop Mega snacks?

Flint Crowrider, Level 120. Unfortunately, the Red and Golden Couch Potatoes don’t have much going for them. Red Couch Potatoes drop a bunch of low-XP snacks (they’re like 4 XP iirc). Golden ones are slightly better, but the best snacks they drop are 10 XP, and they aren’t exactly very good at it.

Can you trade pets w101?

Re: No Trade Pets Well, there’s certainly nothing you could do. The best thing you can do with that pet is offer it to people, which you are doing, but putting it in the hatchmaking kiosk could definitely help out many more people, while being a valuable source of hatch pepper income.

Can u trade pets in wizard101?

Pets, like other items cannot be traded. You can rename your pets at the Dye Shop, and you can trade Treasure Cards.

Can you trade items wizard101?

Non-Enchanted Treasure Cards are the only items that can be traded between players. Once you and your friend agree on the trade, click Trade and the cards will automatically be transferred to the other player.

How much EXP does Mega snacks give?

If you’re gardening and harvesting lots of top-level mega snacks (40-50 points) this means you can get 88-108 XP per pet game! Not only is it a great time to finish leveling up some pets, it’s also a great moment to do some hatching and race your new pets up to mega.

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How do I train my pet in Wizard101?

Wizard101 Pet Training Guide

  1. Look through the Kiosk to find a pet with item cards you like.
  2. Using the search feature in the Kiosk, enter the two most desired Talents you want.
  3. Make sure the pet you choose to hatch with is at max sap/numbers or is.
  4. Hatch but ONLY take the initial hatch to adult.
  5. Hatch again with the same or a similar pet.

Is gardening worth it in Wizard101?

absolutely yes! It’s MUCH more predictable than fishing is, and yields better results. If you pet train or do a lot of crafting, the reagents and snacks are a HUGE benefit. If you play Balance and get hit with a lot of weaknesses, gardening the right plants yields you tons of cleanse charm TCs.

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