Readers ask: How Do I Change The Snack Label On Shutterfly?

How do I edit an embellishment on Shutterfly?

To add embellishments to your photo book: Go to the Embellishments tab on your palette and select either Stickers, Ribbons, or Frames. Click and drag an embellishment onto a page, or simply click it to add it to the selected page.

Can you flip a sticker in Shutterfly?

Pro Tip: You can toggle in and out of this mode by holding Ctrl+D on your keyboard. Select any photo, text box, or sticker and drag it to the location you want. Be advised that photos will swap if you drop them on other photos. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move an item.

How do you edit text in Shutterfly?

To add or make changes to text, simply click the text box; the text editor will open in a separate window. You can change the font type, size, color, alignment, and more; your changes will be previewed on the page as you apply them.

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Why is Shutterfly shipping so expensive?

Why is the shipping so much? Obviously, Shutterfly wants to make some sort of profit off their prints during this special offer. Maybe when the offer is done, they lower their shipping prices back to normal.

How do I change the layout on Shutterfly?

Apply or Change a Layout Go to the Layouts tab and click on a layout thumbnail to add it to your selected page (indicated by the highlighted page number). Layouts are categorized by the number of photos displayed.

Can you edit pictures on Shutterfly?

Double-click on a photo to view in Full View. Click the ” Edit ” button along the bottom of the window. Click on “Red Eye” to open the tool. Select the area(s) to fix by drawing a box around the eye(s).

How do I get rid of storytelling style on Shutterfly?

If you selected a Storytelling style when starting your Classic Photo Book, you can change the style by going to the “Project” drop-down. If you added individual Storytelling items from the Design Library, they will be removed from your story automatically.

How do I change the cover photo on Shutterfly?

To change an album cover photo, select the album, then change the view by clicking the 3 boxes in the top right (story view). Next, hover your cursor over the current album cover photo, then click “ Change Cover ”. You can choose any photo from that album to be the cover photo.

How do I remove a metallic cover from Shutterfly?

Creative Note: If you change your project to a size or cover option that is not supported – our software will automatically remove any metallic stickers from your cover. You can always hit the ‘undo’ button to bring them back.

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What is metallic accents on a matte cover finish?

What is a Metallic Cover Accent? A Metallic Cover Accents is a collection of embellishments, idea pages and font colors – for matte photo hard covers only. To find them, look for items with the Metallic icon (silver M) or styles that are categorized as Metallic.

What does the exclamation mark mean in Shutterfly?

A red exclamation mark on your photos indicates that the photo may be blurry or may be too small to produce a high resolution print.

Can you add text to prints on Shutterfly?

You will find the “Caption” section in the information panel on the right. If there isn’t a caption associated with your photo, you can add one by clicking ” Add “, typing your caption, then click “Save”. You can add up to 999 characters to your captions.

Is the Shutterfly site down? is UP and reachable by us.

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