Readers ask: How Fo You Open A Snack Size Potato Chip Bag?

How do you open a snack bag?

Well, here’s a way to open it up without any mess at all. The trick is hold the bag in a way to create an air pocket in the middle and puncture it, tearing a small piece. Hold that piece and rotate the bag counter-clockwise, so the piece keeps tearing off in a bigger circle, till the whole bag is a bowl!

Why are chip bags so hard to open?

The client’s chip -making plants were located west of the Rocky Mountains, so when trucks would drive their chips out to California, some of the seals would open up due to the pressure difference between the high altitude air and the air sealed inside the bag.

How do you close a chip bag hack?

Here’s how it’s done: Start by folding both corners of the bag and rolling inward. Then, take the top pointed corners and roll them downward until the bag is totally rolled up and sealed.

How do you fold the bottom of a chip bag?

Instead, roll the bottom of the bag into a bowl for easy access. This trick is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before—all you need to do is invert the bottom of the bag, rolling it up into itself. The bag will sit easily on the table without falling over.

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Why do smaller bags of chips taste better?

I’m a potato chip connoisseur, and I’ve been noticing that the little bags actually do taste a great deal better (at least for the type of chips I eat). I’m assuming, since there’s less chips in a smaller bag, each chip has a greater surface area exposed to the nitrogen gas, and the whole bag gets kept fresher.

How do you open a wrapper silently?

How to Quietly Open a Bag of Chips in Class

  1. 1.) Slowly and gently pull the chips from you bag to your lap by holding the top. Hold the top of the bag with two fingers, so you don’t squeeze the bag and make it squeal like drunk pig.
  2. 2.) Be Patient. Slowly pry open the bag in tiny, quiet increments of about one second each.
  3. 3.) Chew quietly.
  4. 4.) Enjoy.

Why are potato chip bags only half full?

The cushion actually is nitrogen gas. Chip manufacturers fill bags with this preservative gas to help keep chips fresh. If it were filled with regular air, the chips would likely turn soggy and spoil. Nitrogen is a natural gas and completely harmless.

How do they seal bags of chips?

Seal Chip bags without a Chip Clip

  • Place the bag of potato chips on a table and flatten the top of the bag.
  • Fold the right and left side of the bag towards the middle allowing the corners to meet at the center.
  • Fold the top of the potato chip bag down. Keep folding down till you reach the chips.
  • Insert your thumbs under the flaps made in step 2.
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How do you seal a chip bag without a clip?

Fold the opening of the bag on top of itself. Rotate the bag so that the opening of the bag is facing you. Grip the corners of the open end with your index finger on top of the bag and your thumbs underneath. Fold the top 1–2 inches (2.5–5.1 cm) of the bag over on top of itself to close the bag.

How do you seal a snack bag?

1. HOW TO SEAL A BAG WITHOUT A CLIP: Squeeze all the air out of the snack bag. Fold in the the two sides, then fold down the top 3 to 4 times. Holding the two corners down, fold the top inside out (like you would a pair of socks) to secure.

How do you use a chip bag as a bowl?

Use this chip bag hack to please your party guests and wash one less dish.

  1. Step 1: Open a chip bag. Turn the top of the chip bag inside out. PIN IT. GIF by Paige Rodgers. Rollin’.
  2. Step 2: Push up the bottom of the chip bag until the chips reach the top of the bag. Enjoy. PIN IT. GIF by Paige Rodgers.

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