Readers ask: What Is Kiss Burn Snack?

What is kiss burn snack made of?

Literally “spicy strip” or “spicy stick” in English, latiao is a chewy, tangy snack made from wheat flour and spicy oil. It was created in the 1990s and originated from Henan province.

Is Weilong Latiao safe?

On Tuesday, Wei long Food issued a statement on its official Weibo account claiming that its Latiao product is completely legal and qualified according to the local standards of food additives for food safety in Henan and Hunan Province.

What is Ren Xing snack?

Latiao is made by heating flour under pressure to solidify the powder, then seasoning it with red pepper, salt and sugar. It is a traditional snack in Henan Province, home to a cluster of latiao makers.

What is Chinese Latiao?

Latiao ( Chinese: 辣條; lit. ‘Spicy stick/spicy strip’) is a popular Chinese snack. The main raw materials are wheat flour and chili.

What is Weilong kiss burn?

Chinese company Weilong offers a curious delicious snack in 300g packets. Weilong Kiss Burn Snack is available in a number of flavours including braised beef, spicy chicken and Sichuan spicy flavours. It is an enjoyable alternative to meat-based snacks.

Is Latiao vegetarian?

Latiao Vegetarian food Spicy Gluten snacks Red pepper Chinese food. This is a very good food. This product belongs to Home, and you can find similar products at All Categories, Food, Grain Products.

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