What Comes In The Japanese Mini Snack Crate?

What comes in the Japan SnackCrate?

Our most popular SnackCrate! Japan may include some of the weirdest snacks we feature. Green tea pocky, Umaibos, and hot chili chips are sure to give you culture shock!

What comes in a Tokyo treat box?

Tokyo Treat Details

  • Premium Box: Includes 17 full sized Japanese treats, including a drink. $31.50/ box over 12 months. $32.00/ box over 6 months. $33.50/ box for 3 months.
  • Classic Box: Includes 12 full sized Japanese treats. $22.50/ box over 12 months. $23.00/ box over 6 months. $24.50/ box for 3 months.

Does Japan crate come from Japan?

Japan Crate is a Tokyo-based online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a crate of Japanese candy, snacks and drinks on a monthly basis to share the experience of visiting Japan. Japan Crate.

Type Private
Founded September, 2014
Founders Hank Rao, Anthony Sconzo
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Area served Worldwide

How expensive is SnackCrate?

SnackCrate subscriptions come in three different tiers. Subscribers can choose from the mini box, original, or premium crate. The mini box is $14 and a half pound crate, the original is $26 and a one pound crate, and the premium is $49 and a three pound crate.

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What is the best Japanese subscription box?

Best Japanese Subscription Boxes

  1. Tokyo Treat. Price: $22.50 a month.
  2. DokiDoki. Price: $45.95 a month with free shipping.
  3. Bokksu. Price: Starts at $39.95 a month.
  4. Japan Crate. Price: $49.95 a month.
  5. nmnl. Price: $35 a month.
  6. Kira Kira Crate. Price: $29 a month.
  7. Kawaii Box. Price: $21.90 a month.
  8. YumeTwins. Price: $35 a month.

Is Japan crate good?

But the snacks in Japan Crate seems a bit haphazardly put together with lower quality snacks. However, I do think Japan Crate would be better for kids because of their wacky, fun, and interactive snacks. And it comes with a little toy! Overall, I think Japan Crate is good to send as a gift or to try for a month or two.

What is a Japanese box called?

At first glance, the Japanese puzzle boxes, known as himitsu-bako, appear to be nothing more than decorative jewelry chests. In reality, though, these tricky boxes are so much more than that, hiding hidden treasures.

How much does Tokyo treat cost?

The ‘Premium’ box is $34.99/month and includes 13-17 snacks plus a drink. In terms of value, my ‘Regular’ box cost $24.99 and included 10 different snacks.

Where do Tokyo treats come from?

Snacks are then delivered to our warehouse in Tokyo, Japan! Once you place your order, we immediately start packing your box with the utmost care. Within 3 days of your order, your box will be shipped via JapanPost straight from Japan!

What does Doki Doki mean?

“ Doki doki ” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a heart beating quickly, usually with anticipation or excitement.

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How long does it take to get a crate from Japan?

Japan Crate shipping info: Crates are shipped on a rolling shipment system, which means there will be 3 waves of crate shipments from Japan. Crates can take 2-4 weeks from ship date to arrive to your country. We ask that you wait 6 weeks from ship date to allow for any weather, Custom, postage or holiday delays.

Is Japan crate shipping free?

All crates include FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

How can I get free snack boxes?

Free Snack and Food Subscription Boxes

  1. Graze. What you get: When you join Graze, you’ll get an assortment of healthy, tasty, and delicious snacks delivered to your door every month.
  2. Love with Food.
  3. Blue Bottle Coffee.
  4. Scent Trunk.
  5. Gwynnie Bee.
  6. Book of the Month Club.
  7. Harry’s.
  8. Hubble.

How do I know what snack crate is coming?

For current customers, your account will renew on the 5th of each month and your crate will ship by the end of that month. Delivery dates are not guaranteed and may vary from month to month. You can always check the status of your order (and see when it will ship) in the Snack Tracker on your account page.

Can you cancel SnackCrate at any time?

Your plan automatically renews, but you can cancel at any time.

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