What Section Of Oakland Colussium Is Closest To Snack Bar?

How do I order concessions at Oakland Coliseum?

Mobile Order Pickup gives you the option to purchase food and drink from more than 30 concession stands for contactless pickup.

  1. Open MLB Ballpark App and select “Mobile Order Pickup”
  2. Enter your section number.
  3. Select concession location and start new order.

Can you take food into Oakland Coliseum?

Since bags are allowed in, you can bring non-alcoholic drinks and food into the ballpark.

Where should I sit at the Oakland Coliseum?

The best seats for an Oakland Raiders game are located in the sections closest to the 50 yard line in the lower level sections 141-143 in rows 10 and up. This side of the field is preferred because this sideline is closer to the stands than the other side due to the architecture of the stadium.

Can you bring a backpack into Oakland Coliseum?

Bags brought in to the stadium may not be larger than 16″ x 16″ x 8″. All bags, including backpacks and purses, are subject to search. Baseball bats for autographs are permitted before the start of the game only.

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What can you take into the Oakland Coliseum?

The following items are permitted in the Coliseum:

  • Bags/Purses/Backpacks/Soft-Sided Coolers that are 16″ x 16″ x 8″ or smaller.
  • Banners and Signs.
  • Baseballs.
  • Baseball Bats.
  • Food (in non-glass containers)
  • Hand Sanitizer, Make-Up, Lotion, and Sunscreen.
  • Laptops and tablets.
  • Noisemakers.

What time do the gates open at the Oakland Coliseum?

Stadium gates open one and a half (1.5) hours prior to scheduled start of the game. Stadium gates open two (2) hours prior to scheduled start of the game.

Will there be fans at A’s games?

The A’s open their 2021 season April 1 against the Astros at the Coliseum. Unlike last season, which was shortened to 60 games because of the coronavirus pandemic, fans can attend games. But the A’s are capping capacity at 26%, which is 12,188 fans, in order to maintain social distancing between pods of fans.

How much does it cost to park at Oakland Coliseum?

Parking will be $30 and cashless payments are required for all purchases. Tailgating will not be allowed. If arriving on bicycle, guests can ride city streets to the ballpark and enter at any of the public parking entrances or arrive via BART.

Can you attend Oakland A’s games?

Grab your tickets now to 2021 regular season games at the Oakland Coliseum with A’s FlexTix. Groups seated in physically distanced pods in your favorite A’s locations provide a safe and fun way to attend games with family and friends. Place a deposit or contact us directly to buy tickets.

Where is the shade at Oakland Coliseum?

Oakland Athletics Seats in the Shade If you are looking to sit in the shade at the Coliseum, you want seek out seats in sections 213-221 behind home plate, or in rows 20 and above in sections 113-120.

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Can you bring your own food to a baseball game?

You can bring in your own food, and factory sealed water bottles. No soda and no open containers. We usually pick up subs and chips to eat during the game.

Can you bring backpacks to baseball games?

No bags allowed during COVID-19 restrictions to speed up entry to the ballpark and minimize staff-to-fan cross contamination. Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items, single compartment diaper bags (child must be present) or clutch sized purses that do not exceed 4 ½” x 6 ½”.

Can you bring food into a baseball game?

You can bring in food from outside, but it does not allow for any bottles, cans, coolers, glass containers, or thermoses. Non-alcoholic bottles of beverages can be allowed if it has one liter or less. The exception to this is if you have a suite, in which case you can ‘t bring any of your own food or drink.

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