Which Snack Was Originally Created By A Minister As Part Of A Diet To Suppress Sexual Urges?

Which snack was originally created by a minister?

The graham cracker was inspired by the preaching of Sylvester Graham who was part of the 19th-century temperance movement.

What snack was originally created by a minister to suppress sexual desire?

Graham Crackers Were Invented To Curb Sexual Appetite.

Which snack was originally created by a minister as part of a diet to suppress sexual urges graham cracker Wheat Thins Cheez It saltine cracker?

These sweet, perforated crackers came into existence by the hands of evangelical minister Sylvester Graham, with the goal of controlling your sexual desires. Imagine that: Graham crackers as a form of birth control.

What were graham crackers intended for?

Graham Crackers Were Invented to Combat the Evils of Coffee, Alcohol, and Masturbation. Long before they were used to make s’mores or the tasty crust of a Key lime pie, graham crackers served a more puritanical purpose in 19th-century America.

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What is Graham flavor?

The Graham crackers add a nutty flavor, a subtle sweetness, and their sandy texture makes the crust a little more tender.

Are Honey Maid wafers the same as graham crackers?

Are these actually Graham Wafers? A few years ago HoneyMaid started selling ” Wafers ” in the same box. The ingredient list does not contain any graham flour. Stores continue to advertise them as Graham Crackers, but the box doesn’t describe them as such.

Why did Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham believe that one should only eat bland food?

The bran and germ of the winter wheat was added to the mixture creating a course type of flour. The unrefined flour yielded a naturally nutty flavor and very slight sweetness. This supported the crux of Graham’s theory, that bland food kept one pure in thought and deed.

Where does Graham flavor come from?

Whole wheat flours are true to their name, with the milled endosperm, germ, and bran all present in the flour. Graham flour is more coarsely ground than standard whole wheat flour, producing a rustic texture and nutty, lightly sweet flavor.

Why were corn flakes and graham crackers invented?

Kellogg continued experiments with different cereals. In 1898, he introduced another health food known as ” Corn Flakes.” Corn Flakes — like Graham Crackers and Granola — were designed to avoid inflaming the sexual appetite. Kellogg believed that sugar was unhealthy and associated with vice and degeneracy.

Do graham crackers help with horniness?

But the original vision for graham crackers had little to do with s’mores. The crackers were marketed and designed as a diet food to help people cut down on their sexual urges. Like many highly religious people, Sylvester Graham (yes, the cracker is named after him) thought the world had a problem with immorality.

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What was the Graham Diet?

The Graham Diet consisted of simply-prepared bland foods with lots of whole grains, mostly fruits and vegetables, and no spices, meat, alcohol or tobacco. Even pepper was banned. And whatever foods were permitted were to be eaten in small quantities at just two meals per day.

What can you use instead of graham crackers?

For instance, in place of graham crackers, you can use pretzels, potato chips, finely chopped nuts and flour, oats and flour, toasted cake crumbs, toasted muffin crumbs, crushed ice cream cones, cold cereal (think Rice Krispies® or Wheat Chex®, for instance), granola, coconut macaroons, ginger snaps, vanilla wafers,

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