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Through the stomach to the heart – aphrodisiacs in the kitchen

They say that the way to the heart runs through the stomach. And although most of those who believe in that proverb mean that the ability to cook makes a trait of a dream partner, it can also be interpreted in another way. Because there are ingredients and condiments that increase desire, which makes them perfect for a date. What products are considered to be aphrodisiacs?

Lowered libido is a problem to many couples, especially those with a longer run. Routine, children, daily problems and tiredness successfully lower interest in love games. Does it mean that we should embrace such state of matters and make it our daily life? Of course not! It’s a great idea to use all the available means that are there to increase passion and give more interest in sex. One of them is using aphrodisiacs in the kitchen. What types of products can be considered as such?
1. Chocolate
It has been known for a long time that this sweet treat is good for everything: getting more energy, improving mood, and as it turns out, also to increase libido. In theory, this product doesn’t contain any ingredient that would support production of sex hormones, but plenty of people have been saying for a long time that in their case it is the best aphrodisiac. Maybe it’s due to the fact that after eating chocolate serotonine is released in our brain which is the so-called hormone of happiness. After consuming a chocolate dessert we become happier, more relaxed and calmer. One has to admit that this ingredient really stimulates senses and is great at dates (even those with breakfast). It is also worth noting that chocolate contains plenty of valuable nutrients and vitamins.
2. Strawberries
Besides the fact that strawberries go great with chocolate, they also make an effective aphrodisiac on their own. They are a source of vitamin C and zinc, which has a positive impact on interest in love play, especially when it comes to guys. On top of that they smell wonderful, are intensely red and juicy, which makes even eating them a sensual experience.
3. Bananas
Another fruit, that can be successfully used as a natural aphrodisiac. Bananas contain potassium and vitamins B, which give energy, as well as bromelain which supports production of testosterone (which is the hormone responsible for libido – both in men and women alike). Because it has most beneficial ingredients right under the skin, it’s a good idea to bake bananas in high temperature of about 200-300 degrees.
4. Basil
This unassuming, nicely smelling herb contains a whole lot of substances with positive impact on libido and improving blood circulation. They call Italians the best lovers in the world for a reason. The cuisine of the sunny Italy is a great idea for a date – not only is it full of herbs used as aphrodisiacs, it is also delicius and very aromatic, which should stimulate the lovers’ senses on its own.
5. Oysters
They say that the famous lover Casanova ate 50 oysters for breakfast every day! They are considered to be an aphrodisiac for a reason: they contain very high amounts of zinc, which men lose after every ejaculation. Both this element and the aspartic acid present in oysters increase the level of sex hormones, which is testosterone and estrogens.
6. Avocado
This fruit has been used for generation to cure infertility and as an aphrodisiac. High vitamin content (especially vitamin E) makes avocado lower the stress level, prevents mood swings and depressive moods, alleviates symptoms of fatigue and also gives energy and thus increases potency. Meanwhile the healthy fatty acids have a positive impact on the testosterone level.
7. Lovage
Even back in the old folk legends lovage was described as a plant of magic properties. It was even added to love potions! Even back then it was known that the herb restores vital powers, and in turn has a positive impact on potency and libido. It was believed that giving it to a loved one would provide us with loyalty and devotion, it was also put in wedding wreaths, which was to provide the newlyweds with love and happiness. It is worth noting that lovage contains coumarin, which expands blood vessels, and thus increase the sexual pleasure.
8. Chili pepper
Hot pepper works in a similar way, which is increasing circulation, also in the sex organs, which makes us more into love play. On top of that, eating chili gives warmth and causes release of endorphins, which improves our mood. For those who avoid intimacy with their partner due to weight related insecurities, it is also worth noting that chili peppers boost metabolism and make calories burn faster. Which makes them a great supplementation for a weight loss diet.