Asparagus season in the Akademia

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Asparagus season in the Akademia Restaurant

Finally, the long-awaited season for delicious asparagus is here! As you already know, in the Akademia we love to use fresh seasonal ingredients, and as asparagus is one of our favorite one, we have decided to celebrate it in a special way – with an incredible seasonal menu, in which asparagus play the main role! During the next few weeks we invite you for a special asparagus specialties in the Akademia!
In the seasonal menu you will find:

Asparagus cream soup – 4,25 € (17 PLN)
Arugula with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, radish, egg and black seed oil – 7,25 € (29 PLN)
Asparagus with poche egg and hollandaise sauce - 7,25 € (29 PLN)
Parma ham with asparagus and truffle emulsion - 9 € (36 PLN)
Risotto with asparagus and parmesan - 7,75 € (31 PLN)
Halibut with asparagus, baby spinach, egg, hollandaise sauce and caviar - 22,25 € (89 PLN)
Veal with bone, on white asparagus with bernaise sauce and potatoes with fennel - 24,50 € (98 PLN)