How to choose catering

Catering – how to choose a good one?

It is essential to choose the catering services appropriately for the parties or any other happening be it in professional or personal life.
Akademia Restaurant polish appetizers

Traditional Polish appetizers

Commonly, when we think of an appetizer, we usually think of a corn soup or the like, but there are still varieties of appetizers that can also be found in Poland.
How to choose a good restaurant - the Akademia Restaurant, blog

How to choose a good restaurant?

The staff, the excellent gastronomic experience, the ambient, the food, the prices can be factors when you are choosing the restaurant that you will be visiting more often.
Savoir-vivre Akademia Restaurant in warsaw

Savoir-vivre at the restaurant

Through the past few years the table etiquette has definitely lost its importance, but these rules can keep us from embarrassing ourselves when we are at the fancy restaurant and don’t know how to behave.
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How to match wine with food?

It is commonly known that matching wine with a specific meal is not an easy thing to do. The most important thing, that needs to be taken care of is a harmony between food’s and […]