seafood - how to eat it. Akademia restaurant blog

Seafood – how to eat it properly?

Seafood is worth giving a try, as eating it has plenty of unquestionable benefits. Why is it a good idea to try seafood? How to serve it and eat it properly?
cutlery history - the Akademia Restaurant blog

Cutlery – what is the history of it?

Using cutlery seems so obvious  that we don’t even think about where this custom came from. Since when and why do we eat with cutlery? What is the history of those useful everyday utensils?
the palette of flavors - polish cuisine. the Akademia restaurant

The palette of flavors, which is Polish cuisine

Did you know that the most popular Polish dishes are Tatar-Turkish, Russian and German in origin? If you didn’t, keep reading! 
the tastiest dishes in the world - Akademia Restaurant blog

The tastiest dishes in the world.

The tastiest dishes in the world – every year there are chosen the tastiest dishes from all around the world. Find out which ones are the most delicious.
celebration party - How to pick a restaurant. Akademia restaurant

Celebration party – how to choose a restaurant for it?

Celebration party needs to be carefully planned and organized, preferably in a nice place. How to choose the right restaurant so that we won’t get disappointed?
organic products - why do we much oftener reach for them Akademia restaurant

Why do we much oftener reach for organic products?

Recently many people even more often choose healthy, ecological and organic food. What are the reasons for it and why do we opt for organic products so often?
Business meetings in the Akademia restaurant

Business meetings in the Akademia Restaurant.

The Akademia Restaurant is a perfect place for business meetings. What are the factors that decide it is worth to organize such a meeting in that local?
International Chef Day - the Akademia restaurant

International Chef Day – interview with the Head Chef

October 20th is an International Chef Day. It is a perfect occasion to introduce you to Head Chef of the Akademia Restaurant, Patryk Paszke. Get to know him better!