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Why do we much oftener reach for organic products?

Business meetings in the Akademia Restaurant – why Akademia is the best choice?

Business meetings may be very stressful – we want to present for eventual contractor and understand the best as we can. It is worth to carefully choose a place where you will invite business partner so the situations like business meeting will be not only more pleasant but also fruitful. The Akademia restaurant is an ideal for that goal. Why it is worth to decide on that local?

More often contractors don’t want to meet in companies and binding internals of conference rooms. The chance need to be given for both sides to make them feel freely, comfortable, it is worth to choose more neutral, more pleasant place. Certainly it can be a restaurant to which we will invite our partners on lunch, dinner and supper. How to organize such meeting?

Ideal situation would be arrive on the meeting 10 minutes earlier and don’t wait for contractor. This helps to prepare for conversation and reduce stress. If we will be in restaurant both in the same time – you should pass guest as first and let him come in to the local as a first one. He also should order as a first chosen by him dishes. It is not elegant to limiting someone’s choice and suggesting what he should or may to want. We start eating only when all other members will receive their portions. If we are talking about the payment of fee, there is no tough rule: often each of member pay for himself or both sides are sharing with the bill at a half. However there is also sometimes that the person who organized the meeting (host) is responsible for all the costs associated with dinner. Conventionally to the bill it is attached also a tip – usually it is about 10-20% of the whole amount. Naturally we don’t have to attach it, if on the receipt there is some position like “service” or when we are just not satisfied by the quality meeting.

One of the most important decisions which we have to make is making a choice of appropriate restaurant. This need to be a good place because it will be affecting on the whole meeting time and how the meeting will be conducted. It is similar choice like in our private situations. Here is also worth to rely on recommendations of acquaintances or we can invite a contractor to the local which we know good and like. If we use of someone’s command, it is the best to check earlier by yourself is that place meet with all your requirements. Until we will invite business partner to concrete restaurant we should go there first, evaluate the service standards and order at least one dish. You should also pay attention on cleanliness, decoration, waiting staff and variety of proposed dishes. If we don’t know much about liking our guest’s it would be safer to invite him to local in which there are served dishes from different kitchens containing different ingredients. We prefer to prevent the awkward situations like taking someone who don’t eat raw fish to the sushi bar or a vegan to the restaurant in which there are only served meat dishes. It doesn’t mean that chosen by us local should have excessively long, extensive list of menu – limited amount of positions suggests that everything is fresh and we don’t have to worry about food poisoning. Lonely visiting of given local will save us from eventual surprising associated with range of prices – if the price matters we should not invite guests to the restaurant in which are very expensive dishes. A gaffe would be also suggesting for partner about which positions from card he can choose and which are beyond the reach.

One of the Warsaw restaurants which are the best for business meetings is a restaurant Akademia. The first what brings our attention above the threshold is tasteful atmosphere, perfect for conversations about professional competence. The local is very comprehensive (it is rare – majority of new opened restaurants feature by modest surface) and the same makes incredibly snug impression. This is largely to wood and whiteness which illuminates the interior. Modest, elegant internal are in posters hanging on the walls and menu has a color of intensive redness. It is worth to highlight that while choosing that local we are preventing a visit in some of crowded restaurant in which we can touch by backs with another persons. Tables are situated in reasonable distance from two persons so it will allow for freely communication about details concerning the business collaboration.

The next advantage of Akademia restaurant is attractive, deliberate menu. There will be something for declared meat eaters like also for fish lovers and vegans. Among starters there are such positions like tart with goat’s cheese, spinach and onion preserve, dumplings with duck in cherry sauce, beef carpaccio or shrimps in tempura with goma sauce. Second proposed dishes are: spaghetti aglio olio with seafood, rabbit with household hooves and fresh cabbage, veal schnitzel with a fired seasoned egg, laraty and tomatoes and salmon nori with sauce teriyaki. On the dessert we can eat for example: crème brulee, apple pie with ice cream vanilla or pears in chocolate with chili and mascarpone. As we can see – such choice of meals will satisfy not only one palate.