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Celebration party - how to pick a restaurant for it?

Sooner or later, there comes a moment in the lives of most of us when we want to celebrate something by throwing a huge party. It might be a birthday, a round wedding anniversary, a wedding reception, a christening, the first communion or anything that we would like to celebrate among family and friends. Such celebration party requires proper setting and it shouldn’t be rather thrown at home. That’s why we have to decide on the restaurant that we will trust with this responsible task. How to choose the right place so that we won’t get disappointed?

Back in our grandfathers’ days, such dilemmas didn’t exist – every major ceremony was celebrated during a festive gathering at home. Nobody cared about not having enough space to dance, the decor not being too elegant or how fancy the dishes served were. The housewife would spend days in the kitchen just in order to properly treat the invited friends and family members. Luckily, we don’t tend to get this kind of ideas anymore these days. We are aware that an apartment in a block is not the best place to have several dozens of guest over, who came to celebrate an event that is important to us. Special occasions require a special setting, which can’t be provided by the interiors of our homes. A much better place for this sort of thing is restaurants properly adapted for this exact purpose, where we don’t have to worry about the available space and don’t have to spend significant time preparing meals and cleaning up. Not to mention the quality of the dishes served is guaranteed – as long as pick the right place, of course. But how to go about it?

First thing: make a guest list

Before you start looking for a restaurant to celebrate at, you need to know how many guests may show up. Think about whom you want to invite, then count all the people. You need a completely different room when having 20 guests than when having 100 of them.

Second thing: think about your priorities

If your budget is not „out of rubber”, you are probably aware that you can’t afford the best, luxurious place. In that case, you will probably have to give up on something. Think about it, what is the most important to you? Is it a big dance floor? Or maybe tasty food? Or maybe accommodations for the disabled? Once you know what your priorities are, look for a place that matches those criteria.

Third thing: don’t base your judgment on pictures online

Pictures available on websites or social media profiles usually don’t represent the actual condition of a restaurant. After all, they are taken by professionals, and their goal is to attract customers, so they have to be as favorable as possible. It’s only a visit at the restaurant that allows us to tell if it’s big enough for our needs, and what is the condition of the decor. It might turn out that the pictures online are from few years ago, and today the restaurant is full of scratched walls, cracked mirrors and other elements, that definitely don’t add any charm.
Think about such non-obvious things like condition of the toilets, too. See how they look and if they can accommodate elders, disabled or parents of small children (if people like these are to show up at your party).

Fourth thing: try the food

Even if the restaurant has many positive recommendations, it’s better to see for ourselves what is the quality of the food served. Better not make it clear right away that we’re considering hosting a wedding reception or a communion there – in that case we could be served a non-indicative meal that someone paid more attention to than usually. Check the restaurant’s menu for food that is vegetarian, gluten-free or for those with food-allergies. Ask your guests if they need any special meals and ask the service if it’s possible to order a special set of meals for one person or a few.

Fifth thing: ask if it’s going to be a closed party

Some people are okay with having strangers at the restaurant during their birthday party or celebrating a christening, but most of us value an intimate atmosphere. Before you sign an agreement with the restaurant, ask if you’re party will be a closed one. If you’re planning a wedding reception, make sure if there isn’t another party going on in the same building – in such situation it’s hard to feel completely comfortable.

Sixth thing: analyze the budget

Sometimes we like a particular restaurant so much that we’re willing to have our celebration there without checking the menu. Except the costs are the key matter (especially if you don’t have an unlimited budget) and it’s better to pay attention to them. Check the restaurant’s menu, but you should also ask for the menu for celebration parties. Ask about the possible discounts too. Once you have this type of information, analyze the budget and think about if a particular restaurant is within your reach. Ask about what the provided price includes, too: if it’s just the food, or maybe if it includes the decorations, drinks or alcohol too.