Children’s Day in the Akademia

Zin&Chocolate in the Akademia
The Akademia Restaurant in the “Warszawa Kulinarna 2018” album
The Akademia in the “Warszawa Kulinarna 2018” album

Academy of Puppets – attractions for Children’s Day in the Akademia!

In cooperation with the Puppet Theater Guliwer we want to warmly invite the entire families, together with children, on Saturday, 2 June for an amazing event prepared for all the kids – “Academy of puppets”.
On this day, from 13:30 to 14:30 there will take place an hour-long workshop with an actor Tomasz Kowol titled “Animate, touch, play and have fun with puppets from the Guliwer Theatre”. Children will have a chance to move to fairy-tale world of puppets and marionettes and get to know techniques of animating the dolls.
Celebrate Children’s Day with the Akademia for the entire weekend!