Easter Palette of flavors

Friday Vodka Academy
New seasonal menu in the Akademia

Especially on your request we have prepared


Perfect for holiday celebration with family or for a friends' meeting.

Easter dishes can be ordered through phone, e-mail or by the form that on the request will be sent to you by e-mail. It needs to be filled in and sent back to us: info@restauracjaakademia.pl

We take the orders from April 10.
They can be picked up on April 15 by 22:00.

In our Easter take-out menu you will find:
Eggs stuffed with a salmon mousse, ham and mushrooms,
Egg paste with smoked mackerel and pickled cucumber,
Homemade rabbit pâté,
Potato salad with pickled cucumber,
White borscht with a sausage and egg,
Dumplings with a duck and cherry sauce,
White sausage stewed in sauerkraut,
A duck in cranberry-strawberry sauce with cottage cheese dumplings,
Boiled beef in a horseradish sauce with boiled potatoes and vegetables,
Buckwheat sourdough or country bread with cranberry,
"Akademia" cheesecake,
Pound cake,

... And many, many more delicious Easter dishes!