Organizing events in Warsaw

Organizing events in Warsaw is one of our specializations, as well as a passion that we use in order to help you prepare an ideal party you dream of. The Akademia Restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate events that are important for you and moments that you desire to spent with people that are close to you. Our knowledge and experience in this field allow us to create an ideal event for you.
Despite appearances, organizing an event in Warsaw is not an easy task, that is why many people decide on comprehensive and professional solution, that we offer you. Every party or event has a completely different nature, that is why our staff will take care of appropriate atmosphere during the event. We are flexible and open to your suggestions. Every party we prepare is bases on your dreams and expectations.
Our restaurant is able to accommodate 60 people, so if you are interested in professionally organized party, with nice atmosphere and food prepared by cooks with incredible talent, skills and passion for cooking, choose the Akademia. Organizing events has absolutely no secrets from us. We are very creative and will help you make this one day special for you. Together we will create a special menu, that will satisfy both you and your guests.

Organizing events in Warsaw is our specialty. We will help you prepare:

Company party – after a company or integrational party organized in the Akademia Restaurant, every boss will for sure earn sympathy of their employees. Nothing integrates as much as delicious food with exceptional beverages and time spent in fantastic atmosphere.
Family events – there are plenty of circumstances for celebration. We will help you organize important events, such as anniversaries, birthday parties or name days. In the Akademia we will help you with preparing the entire party setting – starting with individually prepared menu and ending with properly adjusted tables and help with decorations. We are also able to help you with preparing a birthday party for your children. Important moments in your life should be celebrated in an exceptional place.
Conferences – are you looking for a place, where you could organize a professional training, conference, workshops or presentation? In the Akademia it Is possible. We will prepare catering according to your expectations and needs, we also guarantee elegant atmosphere and professional staff for your event. as regards organization of technical equipment, please contact us.
Weddings – you dream of a small wedding party with you closest family? This special day requires exceptional setting, unforgettable atmosphere and the highest quality, excellent food. Wedding parties for closest group of friends and family are more and more popular. The Akademia is a place, that goes perfectly with the character of this kind of event. We guarantee you, that we will do our best in order for you to have a perfect day, that you will remember for the rest of your lives.
Baptism and communion – We will prepare a celebratory dinner or party on occasion of the youngest family member’s baptism, as well as holy communion. ‘thank to deciding on professional service, you will save much time and energy, that you would have to dedicate to organize it on your own. Preparing such an event is extremely time and energy consuming, a party for the family is only one of the components that you need to think about. It is really good to trust professionals, who will take care of your party.
Deciding on the Akademia offer you can count on our creativity, professionalism and comprehensiveness. Prices are established individually, depending on the character of an event, amount of people and chosen menu. With the Akademia, organizing events in Warsaw will become easy and pleasant.
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