New dimension of flavor.

Exclusive restaurant in Warsaw – what makes the Akademia special?

The Akademia is an exclusive restaurant in Warsaw, that was created from passion and love for cooking. The dishes that we serve are a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Our menu is full of interesting courses, from traditional appetizers to unique, unusual desserts. Thanks to the fact that we always use only fresh and high quality ingredients in our offer you can also find exceptional seasonal dishes. They are made with seasonal ingredients, that are characteristic for a specific time of the year.

While staying in Warsaw or living there, we very often look for a place for dinner, that will satisfy all our needs and expectations as well as create an entire dining experience. There are many factors that makes the Akademia special and worth the name of one of the most exclusive restaurant in Warsaw. Incredible cuisine, excellent staff, elegant, romantic atmosphere, high quality – those are few of the components that stand behind our success.

The quality of our food is carefully watched over by our excellent chef. The European cuisine is not unfamiliar to him, and he is not afraid to combine it with traditional Polish flavors. Cooking is not only his profession – it is his biggest passion, and that is visible and felt in the dishes prepared by him. An exclusive restaurant in Warsaw, the Akademia, would be nothing without its head chef as well as the rest of our excellent crew. Every person working in the Akademia and creating it, is well qualified, experienced and dedicated. We love food and we want to share this love with our Guests and infect them with our passion.

In the Akademia Restaurant the taste and the quality is our priority. What we mostly care about is the opinion and satisfaction of our Guest. No matter what season, day or hour it is, you can be sure that you will always get freshly made, delicious meal with the best ingredients possible. As an exclusive restaurant in Warsaw we know that we cannot use frozen ingredients, because all they do is ruin the taste of the dish.

The atmosphere inside is also crucial. Our goal was to create an exclusive restaurant in Warsaw that will be elegant but cozy and friendly at the same time. We want that after visiting us, our Guests will leave satisfied and will want to go back.

Our Guests satisfaction and pleasure is very important to us. That is why we constantly develop and improve, trying to meet the expectations and become better every day. We want everybody to feel good in our place. That is why we are a children – friendly restaurant, where you can come with your entire family, that is why on request we prepare vegetarian, vegan or gluten free dishes and that is why we decided on preparing a catering menu. We are open for suggestions and ready to improve our restaurant. Being a good exclusive restaurant in Warsaw needs a constant development and we are doing our best to maintain our high position.