Our beginnings

Good restaurant in Warsaw
The Akademia Restaurant was created from passion and penchant for tradition.

Good restaurant in Warsaw, the city full of various culinary venues and spots, is quite a challenging goal to achieve. Fortunately it didn't stop the creators of the Akademia. The idea of bringing it to life arose in the heads of few gastronomic enthusiasts, who looked for the proper formula of their idea for a long time. Their goal was not to create another good restaurant in Warsaw - it was to make the best one. From the very beginning one thing was obvious for them – without the right team no project could succeed.

They have infected with their idea a brilliant Chef, excellent bartenders and waiters, for whom the professionalism is no stranger. Taking care of every detail they have invited amazing graphic designers to cooperate – Andrzej Pągowski and Tomasz Tomaszewski, whose pieces of art can be admired in the interior of the Akademia. From the very beginning they knew that they need to be fully engaged in their hard work in order to succeed. Every detail, even the smallest and seemingly not important one, needed to be taken care of. Unique interior, excellent menu, irreproachable service - those are only few components that contribute to the Akademia's great reputation of being a very good restaurant in Warsaw.

The team that our restaurant takes pride in is the combination of incredibly talented cooks, experienced waiter service, catering specialists as well as everybody without whom the restaurant couldn’t possibly exist. Thanks to their engagement the Akademia is not just another good restaurant in Warsaw - it is considered to be the best one in the entire city. Passion, commitment, creativity and dedication – we believe that those are the features and reasons behind our success. At the same time we are aware that there is always a room for improvement - instead of resting on our laurels we constantly work hard on improving our skills and maintaining our reputation.

Our concept is to surprise, stimulate the senses, teach new flavours and never disappoint.

Our Akademia is supposed to be elegant and exclusive, but casual at the same time. It is to be tempting, seducing, encouraging and stunning. Our team’s goal is to make you feel much better than just well in our place. By taking care of every, even the smallest detail we want to assure you that every visit in the Akademia will be more than just a meal, it will be an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a good restaurant in Warsaw, the Akademia Restaurant is the best choice.