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How to lay and decorate the table?

It is customary to get a well-decorated table for any celebration or event. There exists a need to do so. People give too much thought to set the table in right way for so many reasons. In one way they present the true spirit of the occasion by setting a theme. Table décor in all kind of parties is not always the same. It reflects the purpose of a particular occasion.

Whether it is Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, engagement party, birthday party or any such occasion, the décor has to be unique and reflective. Among all the settings, one must pay focus on the table because it leaves a much direct impression.
Here is a brief guide for decorating the table in a right way for different occasions.


Christmas is a holiday season; hence you should keep your celebratory spirit higher. Use the white, green and red colors in décor. The best thing is to use the sheet of bright red or bright green colour. The cups must be of opposite colour to the sheet and napkins should be of white in colour.

Easter marks the new beginning, as the event is followed by a change in season. It is better to us vibrant and lively colors that represent the spirit of spring. Here one can use a mixture of pink and blue or yellow and lavender for table sheets. One should take two flat sheets of contrasting colors and then sew them together. Rest of the sheets can be utilized to make napkins for guests. It is essential to check if sheets are sewn seamlessly or not so that they don’t miss a professional touch.
Making triangular cards to write the best wishes for the guests is also a cool idea.
Write the name of the each guest separately on each card and express their wishes to them.
You can keep the table simple, by making cards to capture entire attentions.
New Years’ Eve

On the New Year’s Eve, the good thing is to use table sheet of some colour that manifests the luck. For instance, white remains the best option. It also represents the openness. Use white coloured sheets with colourful cards placed on them.
You can choose the theme differently. Try to infuse positivity among your guests with a theme oriented on something that brought good luck in your life. It would not only allow you to celebrate in the best way but also inspire your guests. Another best idea can be to leave a special writing on the cards for your every guest and make them read that card loud.


To décor, a table for Thanksgiving gives you a great margin of creativity. Traditional colours for Thanksgiving include the brown, orange and red. Well, the best décor for Thanksgiving can be a Turkey made up of cards. If you have kids then, get them involved in doing such activities, or carving different pieces for your table’s décor.
Here are few more ideas for decorating your table for any occasion.
Formal décor
In the holiday season, bring out best of your colorful table clothes and napkins. You can do a variation with colours of sheets while keeping the rest of décor simple. Try to use some pink or other bright coloured decoration piece while other culinary items well set on the sides.

Contrasting colours

You have no idea what to do? Simply use the sheets of contrasting colours that match best. You can choose contrast for table VS sheet or one within the sheet.
Antique style decoration

Well, this is the classiest décor ever. One just needs to add up some copper toned culinary items along with table sheet of same colors. Antique style decoration works best if you already have the same sort of spoons and plates in your cabinets. Further, such style gives a more personal touch as well. You can keep this decor limited for more private gatherings, or even for some kind of one-to-one dinner with your loved one.
Romantic decor

Here, all you need is to just leave an open table top. Because four to five aesthetically less well as strategically placed candles are going to get the task done. It is not perfect only for some kind of candle light dinner.
A combination of silver and gold

If you are on a mission to captivate someone’s attention, then use a combination of silver and gold. It is better to experiment with these colors in culinary items.