International Chef Day in the Akademia

World Sight Day in the Akademia Restaurant
World Sight Day in the Akademia
1 November the Akademia will be closed.

International Chef Day in the Akademia Restaurant.

Tomorrow on 20th of October, we celebrate an International Chef Day. It is a perfect occasion to introduce you to amazing Head Chef of the Akademia Restaurant – Patryk Paszke, who leads our excellent team. Every day he takes care so that every single Guest who visits the Akademia would leave full and satisfied.

A cook is one of those professions, which could never be replaced with an AI. A great cook needs to have an incredible taste, which allows them to create new, surprising flavor compositions. In the Akademia we are very lucky to have a fantastic, very talented young Head Chef – Patryk Paszke. We encourage you to get to know him better and read an interview with him on our blog:

Interview with the Akademia Restaurant's Head Chef, Patryk Paszke

An International Chef Day is an ideal occasion to wish all the best to every Chef and cook, who take care of our palates. On this, very important for us, occasion our cooks lead by the Head Chef have prepared a special surprise for you - to every main dish you will get a free dessert!