Our team

Meet our team!
The Akademia is not only a place, it is above all a team of amazing people who create it.

The fact, that the Akademia is such an incredible place is first of all thanks to our fantastic team, who every day put their all heart, effort and hard work in order for every Guest who leaves the Akademia was satisfied and full, and so that they will happily come back. Without such and amazing crew the Akademia would not even exist! Meet our awesome team!

Andrzej Sternicki


He has spent half of his life in the gastronomy industry. He treats the Akademia as if it was his third child. He keeps an eye on everything and everyone. In private life he is a father of two cute daughters, who have him wrapped around their fingers :)

Krzysztof Kowalski


He has been trained in France and has been gaining his experience In the best restaurants around the entire country. Traditional, Polish cuisine is accentuated by him with European flavors and he is not afraid of challenges – he experiments, combines surprisingly and discovers the unknown…



The Akademia Head Chef’s right arm. He can easily handle any task. He scales fish, prepares meat, composes and decorates the dishes. In his private life he is a fan of snowboarding and good music.