Pork Chop Festival is back in the Akademia!

Valentine's Day in the Akademia
Valentine’s Day in the Akademia
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The Pork Chop Festival is back!

On the special request of our Guest, the Pork Chop festival is back in the Akademia Restaurant! The Pork Chop is one of the most popular and at the same time one of the most loved dishes in our country. We have found out ourselves during the first Pork Chop Festival, that was organized in the Akademia in November.
Well, it turned out that three days of celebration is not enough, that is why we announce a triumphant come back of the Pork Chop in the Akademia Restaurant from 26 February to 4 March.
Throughout the entire week we will be serving a special, festive menu:

Pork breaded cutlet with la ratte potatoes and fried cabbage - 9,75 € (39 PLN)
Cotoletta ala milanesse with mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes - 9,75 € (39 PLN)
Pork breaded cutlet with mushrooms and onions - 9,75 € (39 PLN)
Pork breaded cutlet with bacon, mushrooms and pickled cucumbers - 9,75 € (39 PLN)
Pork breaded cutlet with mushrooms and mozarella cheese - 9,75 € (39 PLN)
Pork breaded cutlet with tomato salsa, parmesan and arugula - 9,75 € (39 PLN)
Additives to choose from:
french fries, baked potatoes, boiled potatoes
Celebrate with us!