Pork Chop Festival in the Akademia.

1 November the Akademia will be closed.
11. November the Akademia will be open

7 November we celebrate a Pork Chop Day.

Especially for that occasion, from 7.11 to 9.11, in the Akademia Restaurant there will take place a Pork Chop Festival!

A pork chop is one of the signature dishes of the Polish cuisine. It is not only one of the most popular ones but also one of the most delicious. We cannot imagine a family Sunday dinner without a traditional pork chop.

That's why we decided to celebrate this holiday with a special festival - Pork Chop Festival! It will be held from 7 November to 9 November in the Akademia Restaurant.

Especially for the Prok Chop Festival we have prepare 5 delicious version of a traditional pork chop:
- Pork chop coated with breadcrumbs with French potatoes and fired cabbage,
- Milan pork chop with champignon mushrooms, paprika and tomatoes,
- Pork Chop with bacon, onions, champignon mushrooms and pickle,
- Pork Chop with champignon mushrooms and onions,
- Pork Chop with champignon mushrooms baked with mozzarella cheese.

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