Why the Akademia?

Restaurant in Mokotow
what makes the Akademia special?

We believe that the Akademia Restaurant in Mokotow is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Warsaw because of few factors. In such a big city, with a huge competition it is not easy to gain such a good reputation and even harder to maintain it. What is our secret, how the Akademia succeeded and what makes our restaurant special?

High quality

What we always care about as it comes to our food is the quality. We have very strict rules about it – we only use trusted sources and manufacturers, never use frozen food and never prepare our meals in advance. Choosing the Akademia Restaurant in Mokotow you can be sure that you are choosing the highest quality. What makes our restaurant different from others are the dishes that you can order, that are not included in the menu. Why? Because our chef is preparing what is delivered to us extra from our suppliers. One day it may be fish, another some kind of dessert. Ask our waiters to find out.

What is more, in order to keep the quality of our food on a high level, we use seasonal products. Of course, we could freeze them and use all year round, but it would not be as delicious as fresh. Our seasonal menu is constantly changing, depending on what product is the best and freshest. In June you can try our variations about asparagus and in July chanterelle in different forms.


Restaurant in Mokotow, the Akademia, is much more than only food. We believe that an amazing localization is one of important components of our success. Mokotow is one of the most attractive an popular districts of Warsaw. It is a very desirable place amongst habitants of Warsaw to live, work and spend free time.

One of the aspects that make Mokotow such an attractive location is the fact that it is one of the biggest and most populated districts in Warsaw. Almost every restaurant in Mokotow resists crisis and prospers quite well. The fact, that there are many people living there, and even more wanting to, gives restaurants there a huge chance to succeed. A charming neighborhood, full of greenery and beautiful spots but lively at the same time – that is Mokotow.

Excellent staff

Nobody who works in the Akademia Restaurant in Mokotow works there by accident. Our staff is a team of professionals with experience and passion. We know that every single person that works in the restaurant creates it and this place would not be the same without them. Cooks with passion for their job and incredible tastes, excellent barkeepers, helpful and smiling waiters, a sommelier that has incredible knowledge about wines and catering specialist that can help you with every aspect of party organization – they are have all a huge contribution to the success of the Akademia, and thanks to their hard work, passion and dedication Akademia is considered to be the best restaurant in Mokotow.

Unique atmosphere

What makes the atmosphere of our restaurant so unique and what actually makes our Guest feel so good at the Akademia? We take care of every detail, and altogether they create our unrepeatable climate. From the interior to impeccable service – that what makes many people choose the Akademia and once they come to our restaurant they do come back. We managed make the Akademia Restaurant elegant and casual at the same time. It is both the most romantic restaurant in Mokotow perfect for the first date or anniversary, as well as a casual place where you can eat delicious lunch with you friends. No matter what the occasion is, we will make sure that your visit in the Akademia will become a whole dining experience that you will never forget!