Head Chef

Restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw by Krzysztof Kowalski
- Head Chef in the Akademia Restaurant

Restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw by Krzysztof Kowalski - an excellent chef, who was trained in France and gained his experience in the best restaurants in our country. He accentuates traditional polish cuisine with European taste and he is not afraid of challenges – he experiments, remarkably combines and explores the unknown…

Our chef – Krzysztof Kowalski was appreciated by the office of President, he has risen to great heights of his culinary skills, which he shares with you in our restaurant. He delights with richness of tastes, takes care of the smallest details and encourages to rediscover things that we are familiar with, creating the best restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw. Despite having great experience he still seeks new sources of inspiration. He takes part in courses, trainings and culinary shows on the regular basis. He successively shares his knowledge with his team of cooks and teaches that finesse in cooking needs to go hand in hand with taste.

Krzysztof with his talent, creativity, incredible passion and love for his job is a determining factor of the Akademia being such an amazing place.
It is certainly difficult, if even possible, to find another restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw that combines tradition and modernity with such a finesse and intuition.

He has been trained by the best specialists in the field in France and Poland. He has been working in the most famous and prominent restaurants in the country. He has a huge knowledge as it come to both Polish cuisine as well as the European one. He is a very creative cook and he is not afraid to combine different flavors creating sometimes unusual and surprising, but always delicious dishes. His dedication and passion make the Akademia an excellent restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw. Only in the Akademia you can try such a remarkable courses.

Our chef, Krzysztof Kowalski, is a cook made of passion, talent and love for cooking.

Visit the Akademia and get to know our unique, excellent menu, where you can find modern versions of traditional Polish dishes, unusual flavor combinations and dishes with seasonal products. Our Chef has been often praised for his excellent ideas and work. Thanks to his incredible skills the Akademia is considered to be the best restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw.