Head Chef

Restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw by Justyna Ławrynowicz
- Head Chef in the Akademia Restaurant

Restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw by Justyna Ławrynowicz - an excellent chef, who has over 20 years of experience, and who has been working in the best restaurants in Warsaw and Great Britain. With her impeccable culinary craft she introduces us into new and yet undiscovered world of experiences which interacts with changing seasons. That is why every day she charms us with a color range and richness of flavors in her dishes. The Akademia wouldn't be such a great restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw without Justyna. She accentuates traditional Polish cuisine with European taste and he is not afraid of challenges – she experiments, remarkably combines and explores the unknown…

Justyna Ławrynowicz has a Master’s degree in Management as well as a title of nutritional technician with over 20 years of experience in gastronomy. Her first steps into the gastronomic world she has taken in such restaurants as Cesarski Pałac, Radio Café and U Gesslera. After going to Great Britain she has been gaining in London’s Maze Grill under the watchful and demanding eye of Gordon Ramsey, to later become a Sous-Chef of Dave Green in four-star Hoxton Hotel, where for the next 4 years she has been successfully managing work of the crew of over 20 chefs.
After returning to Poland Justyna has worked as a Head Chef I Warsaw restaurant La Maison, where she has been awarded with prestigious hat of the Gault&Millau Guide and therefore she was included in honored group of the best chefs.

Justyna claims, that well operating kitchen has to be based on hard and team work of a team of “craftsmen” and “artists”. Only then it is possibly to achieve perfection, which she constantly aim for in her work. Perfect taste and impeccable presentation of dishes is much more important for her than pomposity and style over substance. It is perfectly summed up by her own words: “The culinary art allows, thanks to the connection of knowledge, skills and creativity, to recast existing reality in incredibly creative way, leaving in the consciousness something, that stays with you forever – a memory of flavor…”

In the Akademia she is a leader of the team of our cooks. Her culinary craft she bases upon the substantial knowledge, many years of experience as well as skills obtained in the best restaurants in Warsaw and London.
It is certainly difficult, if even possible, to find another restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw that combines tradition and modernity with such a finesse and intuition.

Our head chef, Justyna Ławrynowicz, is a cook made of passion, talent and love for cooking.

Visit the Akademia Restaurant and get to know our unique, excellent menu, where you can find modern versions of traditional Polish dishes, unusual flavor combinations and dishes with seasonal products. Our Chef’s ingenuity and aptitude for amazing cooking is one of the most important and crucial reasons why our Guests come back so eagerly and why it is so hard to find another restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw that would be equally as good as ours. Justyna has been often praised for her creative ideas and excellent work. Thanks to her incredible skills the Akademia is considered to be the best restaurant with Polish food in Warsaw.