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Traditional Polish appetizers

Appetizers are pieces of food that are served before the main meal. You may serve your visitors a tidbit of crab-stuffed mushrooms when they have just arrived. For the most part, a starter is a little serving of sustenance — only a couple nibbles — intended to be eaten before a dish, and regularly shared by a few people. You can likewise call it an hors d'oeuvre which simply means appetizers. An hors d'oeuvre is intended to animate your craving, making you additional hungry for your supper. This is the place the word originates from, actually signifying "something to make you hungrier" or "something to invite."

Moreover, appetizers are not just famous to so hotels and restaurants for fine dining, but you can also have it in your home. There are also kinds of appetizers. Commonly, when we think of an appetizer, we usually think of a corn soup or the like, but there are still varieties of appetizers that can also be found in Poland. Try to explore these 7 polish appetizers that will surely shake your world.

1. Placki ziemniaczane

This type of appetizers is pancakes which are made of potatoes. This pancake is served in a thin layer, which is only enough to make you crave for more. The ingredients of this appetizer are carrots, onions, and other vegetables of your choice. It is best to be eaten when it is hot, and you can also sprinkle it sugar confectioners for a more delightful appetizer.
2. Rosół

Rosół is not part of the main dish which is usually mistaken by others since it has some of the ingredients considered in the main dish. It is a chicken soup with little vegetables and chicken. This will surely make you hungrier!

3. Barszcz

It is also called the Polish red borscht. The recipe of the Barszcz includes onion, garlic, other vegetables such as celery and carrots, red beetroot, and some meat. There is other Polish red borscht that is made with bacon. Usually, this type of appetizer is served on special occasions such as Christmas Eve.
4.Blueberry Mazurka
When we come across with the word, Mazurka, we can think of the Spanish dance. But when we say, Blueberry Mazurka, it is one of the famous appetizers craved by most Polish. Usually, this kind of appetizer is seen on weddings for its sweet treats. Some ingredients for this sweet appetizer are vodka, nuts, oats, butter, and flour. Same as what cupcakes or muffins, but this can also be eaten before the main dish. 5. Surowka z marchewki
The Surowka z marchewki can be hard to pronounce, but we can easily call it the “Carrot salad.” This is a kind of salad that made of caramelized apple with sugar, then grated carrot and lemon juice.

6. Butter and Lard

Old Polish food was brimming with the profitable home-made spread. These days some margarine can be appreciated more prominently and can be famous with home-made butter in shops or market. However, the margarine, for fricasseeing or as a fixing in a few dishes is not imperiled.
7. Polska kielbasa

This is an appetizer that is represented by sausages. A kielbasa has some special spices that make it more delicious, together with pork that is the main ingredient. The dried Polska kielbasa can be prepared in steam or fried, these are also considered exclusive in Poland.
8. Ogorki Kiszone

Ogorki kiszone is also called polish dill pickle. It is one of the colossal things as a Polish appetizer. The name 'ogorki kiszone' is generally converted into English as 'dill pickles', yet you can likewise call them 'cucumbers' since a solid, harsh taste is normal for them. What's more, such custom made dill pickles are produced using soil-developed cucumbers which are put into small compartments. Different flavors are also available. Clean dill pickles constitute an essential element of cucumber soup and might be utilized as the add-ons to potatoes, sandwiches or as an element of servings of mixed greens. Some of the time, they are utilized as an hors d'oeuvre for vodka served in oil and onion.

Appetizers are great, but it sufficiently little that they whet the craving more than they fulfill hunger. But, that is what it is for.