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Valentines Day – interesting and creative ways to spend a romantic evening

It is Valentines Day soon – the day of love, when everyone in relationship expect a special surprise from their partner. Of course one can treat the tradition symbolically and only give the loved one a card with declaration of love and a small gift. But it’s a good idea to try to be a little more creative and organize a date that our partner will remember for long. How to spend an interesting romantic evening?

Valentines Day mostly make us think of a tacky holiday with a drastic rise in sales of all the gadgets decorated with red and pink hearts. Does it mean that this day has to be spent in a completely cliché way? Not necessarily: there’s plenty of original ideas for a date that will definitely be enjoyed by every couple in love.

Theater or cinema

Let’s start with the most typical choice, which doesn’t actually have to be boring. It is enough before buying tickets to the movie or play to think about what our loved one likes and is into. Do they love romantic stories, or maybe they’re into fantasy? Or maybe they love crime mysteries in style of Agatha Christie? Of course, one can assume that since this evening has to be romantic, one should pick a love story. But our companion will definitely appreciate the fact that we took their preferences into account. It will also be a signal to them that we know them well and can meet their needs.

Cooking together

There’s a reason they say that the way to someone’s heart is through… the stomach. Eating is very sensual activity, which might help us get into good mood and get strength for the rest of the evening. But before it happens, the food has to be prepared. Maybe instead of making a supper for your partner, you will invite them to have fun together? Choose some dish that you two find tasty but doesn’t require a lot of skills. After all it is supposed to be pleasure, and not an plowing filled with fear that something will go wrong. Making a meal together might be a nice change, and creating a well made dish from the scratch will give a lot of satisfaction.

Visiting the Bubbles restaurant

If you’re not into cooking or both have no talent for making dishes on your own, consider visiting a good restaurant. A great choice will be Bubbles in Warsaw: a place with unorthodox, cozy interiors and very tasty food. The restaurant (like the name suggests) is also famous for a wide selection of champagnes. On the Day of Love Bubbles serves special valentine menu at the price of 120 zloties per guest. The special combo includes four appetizers, as well as two soups, the main course and selection of desserts.


If you’re into music and like to listen to music at home, maybe on this Valentines Day you could try something new and go to a live performance of artists. Check it out: maybe pretty soon in your neighborhood there will be a concert of a band or a player you like? If not, that’s okay: you can always „discover” some local artist. At many places they organize cyclical concerts in a particular style, like jazz, rock or blues. Define your favorite musical type and listen to it in a nice romantic surroundings over a glass of good wine.

Course or workshops

After few years in a relationship relations between two people start becoming routine. A couple does the same things every day and stays at the same places… Of course, such stability may be very satisfying, but once in a while it’s a good idea to try something completely new, in order to break the boredom a little. It might be a dance course, cooking workshops, a diving course, ceramic object making or photographic course – anything you haven’t done before and you could do it together.

Going out for the weekend

This time Valentines Day is in the middle of the week, but there’s nothing preventing anyone to extend the celebration or move it to the weekend. Choose some town you’ve never been in or get crazy and find an attractive SPA resort. During such a trip it is the best to cut off he Internet and social media in order to focus on each other the most. That way you will certainly rediscover the traits you fell in love with once.

Go-cart racing

There’s nothing like strong emotions experienced together! A little bit of healthy rivalry and adrenaline – this can’t go wrong. This kind of experiences can be provided by visiting a go-cart track. Each of you should behind the wheel of a vehicle and have a race. Let the best one win! You can also crank up the emotions by setting a price, such as the loser massaging the winner’s feet or making them breakfast the next day.

Water park

If you like water and good fun, you can spend this evening in a quite unusual way, which is by slashing at a swimming pool. Water fights, jacuzzi and water slides are the kind of fun that will bring out the childlike joy in you. And that’s what it is about after all – to have great time in each other’s company.