Vegetarian Day in the Akademia.

New Years Eve 2017 in the Akademia Restaurant
New Year’s Eve 2017 in the Akademia.
grandmother's and grandfather's day in the Akademia restaurant
Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day in the Akademia

Vegetarian Day in the Akademia Restaurant.

This Thursday, 11.01.2018 we celebrate the International Vegetarian Day. We have prepared a special, meatless menu on this occasion, which you will get to try on this day. We encourage you to visit the Akademia on Thursday and try our delicious vegetarian meals, which can be an excellent alternative for everyday dishes.

Or special Vegetarian Day menu:

White vegetables cream soup with parsley chips - 4,50 € (18 PLN)
Tartar from dried tomatoes, green olives with arugula, parmesan and apple chutney - 9 € (36 PLN)
Salad on spinach leaves with pear, kumquat, nuts, grilled goat cheese with raspberry sauce - 9 € (36 PLN)
Risotto with pumpkin and spinach with parmesan cheese - 8 € (36 PLN)
Eggplant stuffed with chick peas and feta cheese with baked potatoes sauce and pickled cauliflower - 7,25 € (36 PLN)
Dumplings from baked beet and feta cheese with sage butter - 7,25 € (36 PLN)
Scotch potato stuffed with dried tomatoes, snap peas, gruyere cheese and apple and pickled cucumbers salad - 7,25 € (36 PLN)