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When does a restaurant become popular?

Everything is subject to trends and fashion these days. The Internet makes it possible to quickly share information, which means that a message about very good or very bad quality of a product or service spreads like wildfire. It is like that with restaurants, too – whether a particular facility becomes popular often depends on several subjective opinions. They have to be backed up by reality, though, or else a restaurant’s popularity will end as fast as it began. What makes a particular place become popular?

Never before has sharing opinions and information been as easy as it is now. The Internet gives pretty much unlimited opportunities in this regard – with the access to the net, we can contact someone located in any place in the world at any moment. We can also send messages of a much higher outreach. By writing a post on a blog, leaving a comment on a website, making a post on Facebook or being active on a publicly accessible forum, we can influence decisions of people we’ve never met in our life. That gives huge opportunities that would seem unrealistic until recently. Of course, with conveniences like these comes certain responsibility. It may happen that one or few unfavorable comments can ruin some company’s reputation. It especially relates to opinions from people who enjoy certain authority in the online community, like popular bloggers. Sometimes one exceptionally positive review on a popular cooking blog may decide whether a particular restaurant joins the most popular objects in the town.
Obviously, the right promotion of a restaurant matters too – it is hard to become a popular place if nobody knows about us, right? But advertising is not all. Sure, it will help make our object more recognizable, but if it doesn’t stand out in terms of quality, consumers will soon forget about it. Negative reviews spread as fast, if not faster, than positive ones. If the owners and staff of a restaurant become negligent, it might lead to an avalanche of unfavorable comments, and a ruined trust is hard to rebuild.
We already know that in order to become a popular restaurant, we need to earn positive reviews spread by popular bloggers, reviewers and users. But how to do it? What are the characteristic that a facility needs to have in order to become popular and liked?
High quality service
The first person we have a contact with at a restaurant is the waiter. They’re the one responsible for how we feel at a particular facility. If they turn out to be impolite and unprofessional, even tasty food may not save our overall impression. If we meet a smiling, helpful and well-trainer waiter, on the other hand, we will instantly feel nice and it is very likely that we’ll be willing to forgive the restaurant other flaws.
Unusual interior
During recent years, the awareness and sophistication of Polish people improved significantly. We no longer go to a restaurant for holidays only or during family celebrations. It’s becoming more common to visit this type of places, which makes it harder to impress us. We’re also increasingly more aware that the experience of visiting such place is influenced not just by how the food tastes, but also how it’s served, as well as appearance and atmosphere of the facility. Beautiful, original interiors arranged with taste and creativity attract our attention and make us remember the restaurant better.
Short, interesting menu
There used to be a belief that for a restaurant to have a chance to be popular, it has to offer a wide array of different dishes, among which everyone can find something for themselves. It resulted with a flood of similar menus where kebab and pizza were next to more familiar tripe soups and pork schnitzels. Obviously, if a menu was incredibly long and contained a whole lot of different ingredients, it was impossible to prepare everything fresh – which resulted in relying on frozen and semi-finished products. Today’s consumer is much more aware and as a result understands that „if it’s good for everything, it’s good for nothing”. They can appreciate short, concise menu, especially if it contains original, creative items.
Good taste
Obviously, we could keep talking forever about different characteristics of a restaurant, but the invariably most important factor is the flavor of the dishes served. If it’s really incredible, the remaining factors such as the look and atmosphere of the facility become secondary. It goes the other way, too: even the most beautiful interiors, the best live music and the most polite waiters will do nothing if the dishes are simply not tasty. The chef is the heart and soul of a restaurant. By hiring well-educated, experienced cooks who have good taste and interesting ideas, we can be sure that it won’t we a pointless investment. Everyone who shows up at our place will definitely want to „pass the good news” and will share the info on how we provide good eating experience.