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Whiskey - a guide for beginners.

Whiskey is a complete world, making entry to which is a bit daunting. One should keep in mind that beginning with whiskey is just like adopting another lifestyle. So, those who are new may need to do a little more effort for becoming acquainted with it.

Once, a person starts drinking whiskey he simply adopts a new classic world. Whiskey is already said to be something that belongs to real man. So, being a real man definitely requires certain tricks.
There exist so many brands and varieties of whiskey. A beginner may not know what kind to choose as a beginner’s drink. An initiator also needs to be well versed in the method of drinking.
If you are new to the world of whiskey, then here is a guide for you.

What is whiskey and what are its different kinds?

Whiskey is a general name for different spirits that are distilled from grain mash. Different types of whiskey include Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye. Names of the types are quite different, but all of them are the only whiskey. They are same in appearance and flavor, but easy to classify.
The difference of all these wines lies in the origin and type of grain used. Another important factor that defines the worth of any wine is the age. Old the wine, perfect is the taste and effect. So, different types of whiskeys also depend upon the age as well.
It is also kept in mind that every kind of whiskey has its own rules as well; these largely depend upon the origin. For example, Scotch is specific for Scotland, and it is brewed only there.
Starting to drink Whiskey

Now you have known about different kinds of Whiskey; the next question is how to start drinking it. First of all, selection has to be made on the basis of the region you live in. The criterion is much simple. An American should go for Bourbon, while Canadian should choose the scotch.
Starting the Whiskey which is easily available is also way much economic. It makes you used to of it and provided with an efficient insight into the prices. Apart from this, it is better to take suggestions from an expert. Starting with some lighter drink is a good idea. If your first drink is an Islay scotch which is a bit difficult thing, you are likely to derail yourself on the first sip.
So, keep your interest alive and start with something lighter on the plate.
For Bourbon, you can go with Wild Turkey which is an American starter. For scotch affordable Highland malt, like Aberlour remains the best option.

Subtypes of the Whiskey

Apart from these major kinds of whiskey, there are some sub types as well.
Single Malt: This is the most common kind and relatively younger among its family. Single malt is made by mixing all the distilled whiskey at the same distillery.
Single Cask: Here the difference lies in bottling. This type utilizes the bottle of the Single cask. Whiskey is also fermented in the small distilleries.
Blended Whiskey: This doesn’t mean that whiskey of different kinds is blended. Here the same type of whiskey is made into a perfect blend. In very rare cases, drinkers can mix up Bourbon and Scotch.
Tip: Blended whiskey is very much common. Even, there are certain manufacturers who don’t distil their own whiskey but blend two different kinds, from different distilleries. Both the kinds always have different tastes. As a beginner, it is better to go with single malt; this would give you a sense of how each kind tastes. Later, you would be able to go for blended whiskey as well.

Drinking the whiskey

After choosing the right type, next step is how to drink whiskey. Again people have different tastes and ways to drink it.
Pure Whiskey

Pure whiskey is also known as Neat one. People drink it without adding anything like water. One just needs to pour wine in glass and room temperature and enjoy the drink. Mostly, people don’t prefer to drink whiskey this way.
Drinking water

To continue drinking neat whiskey is simply impossible. Pure whiskey anesthetizes taste the taste buds and makes it difficult to get a complete flavor. It is better to add a capful of distilled water which is not chlorinated. In this way, one can drink whiskey while feeling its original taste.
Drinking as cocktail

Avoid making cocktails with high ends or cheap whiskeys. It is better to choose middle ground whiskeys and then mixing them up. Make sure not to mix an expensive whiskey with a cheap one. Otherwise, you would end up ruining the both.