Business meetings in the Akademia restaurant
Business meetings in the Akademia Restaurant.
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Celebration party – how to choose a restaurant for it?

Why do we much oftener reach for organic products?

Polish diet is well known from very delicious dishes but it is also hard to digest, fat and high in calories. In addition to some time to the most popular products had belonged highly modified food and „delights with a big amount of artificial additives. Fortunately even more often we choose healthy, ecological and organic food. Why it is like that?

Not each of popular „wisdom” is really right. However some of surrounding sayings hides at least a grain of truth. Here it is in well known sentence „You are what you eat”. Of course, eating a different kind of meals can play various functions. We very often eat just not to satisfy our hunger but also for our pleasure. We can be in a better mood and when we are eating beside friends – we can intensify ties. There is nothing wrong with that but it is worth to remember that we can decide what will be in our stomach and this will be nourishing our bodies. By eating only ready dishes from package, chips, candies and fast-foods, maybe we apply to ourselves necessary energy (even more calories what is consequence of overweight) but not in nourish substances and vitamins. Until recently not many of people were interested in diet affecting on our health and a lot of persons thought that the most important is to fulfill the hungry stomach. Only recently we have became more aware in that topic and we have discovered that the person who eat big amounts of food can be undernourished – it indicates on it not the weight but condition of teeth, skin, hair and all the organs.

As an effect many people unthinkingly copy diets of other social groups, that actually have completely different lifestyles, e. g. professional athletes or habitants of foreign, often very faraway countries. Fortunately enough for some time now there can be observed another, much more positive tendency, which is turning to balanced, conscious way of eating. A healthy diet is much more than just a temporary trend – it is a result of observation not only the surrounding world but also our own organisms and drawing conclusion from this observations.

Polish people like their national kitchen but their way of nourishment is changing vibrant because they are following the short-term trends. As a consequence without even thinking we copy diets of society groups who provide another lifestyle than ours for example sportsmen or residents of different, often very faraway countries. Luckily from some time we can observe different and even more positive tendency – shift towards balanced, aware nourishment. Healthy diet is something more than just a moment fashion – it is a result of observation not only of surrounding us world but also our own organisms and we can draw conclusions from those findings.

Unfortunately, recent popularity of highly modified food disastrous affected on our health. Not negligible is also sedentary lifestyle and association to technologies which are making our lives much easier. We don’t have to stand next to the cooker by one hour cause today we can heat ready dish in microwave or call for pizza? We don’t have to go to work by afoot cause we have a warm and comfortable car? Is there anybody who have time on buying vegetables and meat on local market if all needed products we can find in one supermarket? Unfortunately – convenience is not always going hand in hand with long-term consequences for our health. We have become overweight, dimmed, we have problems with blood circulation, skeletal system and fitness because of more into „West” habits. All the effects were like bucket of cold water: you need to change your daily functioning! If you want to live longer with relative skillfulness, we have to pay more attention on what is landing on our plates.

For that reason from some time the popularity of products with questionable quality which are available in discounts and the more popular are getting organic ingredients coming from some sources. What criteria need to be met to let us call that food ecological? Notably it is important from which sources are those concrete products. They should come from certified and thoroughly adjusted household. Their localization can’t be accidental: they are situated on pure soil and they are supplied by pure water. We can recognize that kind of circulation as a specific return to times in which were living our grandfathers: it resigns from artificial fertilizers, it uses the protective tools for soil and it does not use antibiotics and hormones on animal breeding. On the second hand everything is being done under strict control: food need to meet with exacting standards and at every stage of production it is ran out a strict verification and documentation. Thanks to that we have a sure what goes on our plates and we can be calm that these products are the commodity with a highest quality.

Practically, those dishes just have more amount of vitamins and minerals and at the same less artificial, harmful additives such as dyes, preservatives, aromas or taste and smell enhancer. Certifications are also enormously important when there is someone who is suffering from different kind of diseases and food intolerance or people who are using eliminating diet for other reasons. (for example due to taken medicines). By buying products bear by certificate, we can be sure its composition – if the producer claims that his product is gluten free or it not contain lactose we can trust him. Not without significance are also ecological issues: meat and other animal products are being created in good conditions and producers don’t focus at only high profits regardless costs.