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Why there is a growing number of people going vegan?

The vegan trend causes almost exclusively the extreme emotions. Some are devoted proponents of it and praise its advantages, while others quite the opposite – consider this kind of die as making life pointlessly complicated and a sign of being pretentious. What is the truth? Is the vegan movement just a temporary trend, or maybe a more serious tendency? Why is a growing number of people choosing to quit using animal products?

There used to be a belief that meat is the base of balanced eating and an essential element of everyone’s diet. Each of us has certainly heard our parents or grandparents say the famous wording at least once: „Eat your meat, you can leave the potatoes on the plate”. Our moms and grandmas believed that they helped us develop good eating habits this way, as they considered meat products to be the most important part of every meal. These types of myths are still present today, and plenty of people still can’t imagine a life without their favorite meat-based food. On the other hand, there’s a growing discussion about the negative aspect of manufacturing this type of products, the ethical aspect of this phenomenon as well as the negative impact of animal products on health. People who chose the plant diet often emphasize what positive impact it had on their daily well-being. Our consumer awareness is changing, followed by the offer of stores and restaurants. A growing number of bakeries, bars and other joints offer dishes adapted to those who use different kinds of elimination diets. The offer of vegan products and dishes keeps expanding, so that they are not stuck with a very poor and dull menu.

All those changes have occurred pretty suddenly. Until recently, giving up meat was seen as something weird and pointless whims, today a growing number of people also quit other animal based products, such as milk, eggs or cheese. What’s behind their decisions? What are the health consequences of a vegan diet?
The first arguments that convinces plenty of vegans is the ethical matters. Those with respect and sympathy towards animals don’t want to contribute to their suffering. It is worth noting that raising and slaughtering animals are connected to their pain, and it’s hard to call any form of it „humane”.
The second of the most important aspects of the vegan lifestyle is its impact on health. There’s a growing discussion about meat eating not being as necessary and beneficial to our body as it might seem. It is also worth noting that the meat available in popular stores and supermarkets is not of very high quality. Regardless of whether we are devoted „carnivores”, or if we lean more towards the vegan diet, avoiding highly processed food is a very good idea. If we have to eat meat, it should made by the local suppliers, instead of burgers from popular franchises or packed cold cuts. Plenty of vegans praise their new lifestyle, highlighting the positive impact on well-being. Most certainly one of the factors responsible for such situation is their increased focus on what ends up on their plates. Most vegans are people who put conscious effort to make sure that the food they eat is of high quality, and their diet – as diverse and balanced as possible. It is no wonder that they feel a significant improvement compared to when they used to eat „whatever”. There’s also a large group of people who simply can’t stand certain types of meat – to find out if it also relates to us, it is better to get tested for food intolerance.
Maybe our grandmothers’ belief about the significance of meat in the diet comes from living in the days when it was bought in the country, from trusted farmers. Such meat indeed can be very nutritious and not likely to cause us any harm. Sadly, not many people these days have access to products this good. Most of us shop at large grocery franchises, where it’s hard to find high quality meat. The manufacturers don’t focus on the flavor and health values of their products, but instead they put emphasis on the quantity of the products made. Because of that, animals are fed with pesticides and antibiotics, which later ends up in their meet. By eating significant quantities of it, not only do we put ourselves at risk of increased level of bad cholesterol, but also putting substances in our bodies that we wouldn’t even expect there. It has been said for quite some time that the meat available at supermarkets increases the risk of getting cancer, thyroid diseases, hypertension or hyperactivity.
Do all the arguments brought up above show that we should quit eating meat once and for all? Not exactly. If you’re someone who can’t imagine living without the favorite meat dishes, you don’t have to quit them. But it is better to remember that the key is moderation in everything. Paying closer attention to what’s on our plate and making sure that our diet is as balances as possible certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone.